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CELTA, Written Assignment2

hing contextCountries and places the students have visited.Anticipated problemsUse of Past Simple tense instead of Present Perfect or v.v. - controlled practice activities focused on the stru ... meet him again, I'll leave the town.If you meet him again - is the conditional clause [If+ Present Simple].I'll leave the town - is the main clause [Future Simple will + infinitive].Conditional claus ...

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Grammar brief

Chapter 3GRAMMAR BRIEFING 1: Simple Present versus Present ProgressiveThe simple present and the present progressive both describ ... gressive both describe present time. However, they describe present time in different ways.FUNCTION Simple Present versus Present Progressive The simple present tense describes habits, routine ... affects our personality. (generally true)Adverbs of frequency (see Chapter 1) often occur with the simple present tense. These time expressions also often occur with the simple present tense: every d ...

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