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No More Laughing for Paddy. Speaks of Roddy Doyle's "Paddy Clarke HA HA HA"

not everything is a game toPaddy. His parents lack of compatibility troubles Paddy and his brother Sinbad greatly.The intensity of his parents arguments accelerate as the book goes on. At times Paddy ... nthis mom to win because she does so much for him, however his father is his father and heloves him.Sinbad reacts differently to his parents fighting. He doesn't try to intervene or stopthem. In fact ...

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Paddy Clarke HaHaHA (Sinbad's relationship with his brother)KS4 Uk English

In this essay I shall analyse how Paddy´s relationship with his brother Sinbad develops in relation to the many outside influences and occurences which surround their lives ... most cruel method of inflicting pain on his unfortunate brother is when he pours lighter fluid into Sinbad´s mouth and sets it ablaze, this is not just an example of random opportunist violence, ... at it is not opportunistic but that Paddy has purposfully gone out of his in order to bring harm to Sinbad because of something Sinbad had done earlier. Paddy also trys to hurt Sinbad emotionally by g ...

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