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om received praise for there pioneering works in comedy. But I believe that Seinfeld takes the term sitcom to another level. This is accomplished by exhibiting the many attributes of the show. Seinfel ... im the Soup Nazi because he ran his soup stand with a Hitler type dictatorship. I have never seen a sitcom deal with such a stupid issue, yet it was nominated for an Emmy for the best scene in a sitco ...

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known as my usual Saturday night date), appeared a remarkable treasure. There before my eyes was a sitcom called Seinfeld. From that moment on I was astounded to find that not even great sitcom's suc ... s only one show that could have started Must See TV, only one show that could be the anchor for new sitcoms year after year while continuing to hold it's position of number one in the rating wars, onl ...

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Review of the Filipino sitcom "Kool Ka Lang"

ex? And who can resist those naughty one-liners every now and then? "Kool ka Lang" is certainly one sitcom that never lacks such perversity. "Kool ka Lang," which airs at around 9:20 pm every Tuesday ... shows how lame the plot is. Also since the viewers already know the perpetrator from the start, the sitcom doesn't make the viewers think because it gives everything away so easily.Also the show lacks ...

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Essay reviewing and outlining major points included in the study How Families Still Matter by USC Prof. Verne Bengtson

that is the Family. As a person who grew up in a family that could have been the model for a 1950's sitcom I find this interesting. Even though I grew up in a traditional family setting, I often find ...

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"The Samurai's Garden" by Gail Tsukiyama.

ather and son relationship resembles the kind of love and bonding shown on the "Leave it to Beaver" sitcom. Unfortunately, we do not live in a make believe world where all is perfect. Even though The ...

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-The simpsons- Ridiculing Americans

watching the show it's literally one joke after another, which is much different from a live action sitcom that has more story development. Every character has their own personality, and having over 1 ...

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Short Review of Santa Clause 2.

Santa Clause 2When I think of Tim Allen, I think of Tim "The Tool Man Taylor" in the very humorous sitcom, Home Improvement. The role of Santa Claus was a real stretch for me because of his comedy fo ...

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"The Osbournes": America's Ideal Family?

poiled children, drug and alcohol abuse, personality clashes, and teen angst-- which are unlike any sitcom in the past that focuses on a family. How does Ozzy define a family? In "Dinner With Ozzy", h ... cause they too have a problem with vulgarities. The Osbourne's relationship is unlike that of other sitcom families such as the Huxtables where "they work strenuously and self-consciously at showing u ...

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Parenting, misunderstandings and responsibilities.

hard task, and is achieved through love.Fictional characters such as Mike and Carol Brady from the sitcom " The Brady Bunch," represent a would-be model American family, while in reality that amount ...

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Was told to clearly state differences in an actors abilities from past films to more recent films and explain why certain roles were superior to others. The title is - Acting Taken To Another Level

on the revival of the Laugh-In series in 1977-78, he went on to landing a guest role on the popular sitcom Happy Days as Mork, a lovably odd space alien from the planet Ork. Regardless of Williams' un ...

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Analyze that movie review

ters needing therapy. Analyze This took that concept in a comic direction. The sequel takes it in a sitcom direction. Kudrow is given so little to work with, that she could have been replaced by a hat ... and leaden moments and you probably have just enough humour left to make a 30-minute Tuesday night sitcom.

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A Comparison of "Two Sisters of Persephone" by Sylvia Plath and the relationship of Mary and Rhoda in "The Mary Tyler Moore Show". Yes, I can still not believe I wrote this.

poet with suicidal tendencies. But when Plath's poetry is compared to plot lines from the greatest sitcom of the 1970's (Assuming that WKRP is considered a 1980's sitcom), there are some striking sim ...

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Sitcoms and American Role Models

The show heralded as the first romantic sitcom, I Love Lucy, premiered October 15, 1951 (Ross). It featured a dull-witted, but beautiful and ... the working world at full force. Consequently, the representation of women in contemporary romantic sitcoms should be different. Women should be outraged if they are portrayed like Lucy. That is why T ...

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Television Report Write a report on a drama programme which has screened over the last 5 years.

In this report I wish to discuss this most distinctive sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle (2000- )". It is a family comedy series produced by FOX Broadcasting C ... pany. This program has been aired by TV3 since Year 2001 and now it is in the seventh season . The sitcom features a dysfunctional middle-class family living in California. The family comprised of tw ... ons for these family issues because to do so would be the end of the story.While "Malcolm" is a sitcom, each event still happens for its own reason. Every single scenario is tied up together allow ...

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Seinfeld: A Show About Nothing.

Seinfeld is considered by many as the best sitcom of all time. Although when at first glance it may seem like it is similar to many other sitco ... and ridiculous you just can not stop laughing. Although it is not just the situations that make the sitcom so funny, it is the comical nature of the characters put in these ridiculous situations as we ... as well.As many people would agree Cosmo Kramer is the funniest character on Seinfeld, or even any sitcom. He is Jerry's wild next door neighbor who is always just barging into Jerry's room in the sa ...

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Developing a Sitcom

y look, as it's not a documentary as well as the fact that it wouldn't go well with that particular Sitcom and the characters involved. My group would also adapt to a surrealist look as there is a par ...

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Scrubs: A Case Study on Ageism and Sexism

n relate with certain characters through their actions and narrated thoughts. I also find that this sitcom is more appealing because it focuses on another world outside of the family household. A hosp ...

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This is a report on the "Writing Television Sitcoms," by Evan S. Smith.

Evan S. Smith wrote a book called "Writing Television Sitcoms". The book gives instructions on how to get a job as a writer of situation comedies. It also ... how to get a job as a writer of situation comedies. It also advises on what to write when writing a sitcom. This book is a great resource for anyone wanting to become a writer. It explains things like ... joke and he is repeating it.The book gives summaries of different predicaments the characters in a sitcom can go through. These predicaments help to create tension. Smith has examples of shows to ill ...

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Single in the City

We've all watched Sex and the City, a sitcom that celebrates successful single working women in Manhattan. It's great to be an independent ...

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Pleasantville essay

ndividuals can make all the difference in the world.The movie presents David's fascination with the sitcom "Pleasantville" as a symptom of his yearning for a world where he won't have to deal with his ...

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