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Indians and there Sacred Lands

age of there land and not respecting the earth. The following three exerts, Chief Seattle's speech, Sitting Bull's speech and the passage of Land of the Spotted Eagle, pertain to the fact that we do n ... vity as soon as they pass the portals of the tomb and wander way beyond the stars.'In the speech of Sitting Bull, he speaks of the abuse of the land by the White Man but on a different level then that ...

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Indian Chief Sitting Bull.

SITTING BULLSitting Bull was one of the greatest American Indian chiefs who did everything he could ... ould to bring justice to his people. He was born in the Grand River region of South Dakota in 1831. Sitting Bull's village name was Hunkesi, which means slow because anything that he did he did carefu ... at he did he did carefully and patiently. His Indian name was Tatanka Iyotak. When he was fourteen, Sitting Bull joined his first war party. The Sioux were fighting hostile tribes and white invaders. ...

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The Ghost Dance and Battle of Wounded Knee

AGhost Dance@ and sing the AGhost Dance@ songs (Jones, 25).In October of 1890, Kicking Bear visited Sitting Bull at Standing Rock. Kicking Bear told him of the visit he and his brother-in-law, Short B ... him of the visit he and his brother-in-law, Short Bull, had made to Nevada to visit Wovoka. He told Sitting Bull of the great number of other Indians who were there as well. He referred to Wovoka as t ...

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Sitting Bull and the Paradox of Lakota Nationhood

A Hunkpapa Lakota chief named Sitting Bull and the history of the Lakota nationhood was the chosen subject of Gary C. Anderson to ... the chosen subject of Gary C. Anderson to write a biography on. Although most of the history about Sitting Bull took place back in the eighteen hundreds, Anderson did not come out with his book tell ... . Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers published the book in 1996. The book follows the history of Sitting Bull and the native Indians fight with the "white man" over land.The first chapter goes back ...

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"Sitting Bull" This is more of a biography of Sitting Bull though the assignment was about how he is a "hero". It would have been an A paper if it was just about his history.

Sitting Bull was the supreme Indian during his time. He was a chief and holy man under whom the Lako ... der whom the Lakota tribes came in coalition in their struggle for survival on the northern plains, Sitting Bull remained defiant toward American military power and scornful of American promises to th ... ful of American promises to the end. At a place Lakota called "Many Caches" for they had dug there, Sitting Bull was given the name Tatanka-Iyotanka, which describes a buffalo bull sitting stubbornly ...

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Response to Chief.

Crazy Bull Chief.Listening to a chief of a nation was a new experience for me. Crazy Bull, a chief of abou ... ht a lot of new knowledge to the audience and expressed a lot of his own thoughts and beliefs.Crazy Bull started his thoughts by explaining his culture. He believes that instead of "walking into two w ... d because of sacred ceremonies within their culture such as their smokehouses and Raindances. Crazy Bull believes that we are all taught to be discriminative, however, "we all bleed red". He said that ...

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Wild West

. . . hero . . . A GODDAM HERO!"The next scene is set outdoors in the winter somewhere in the West. Sitting Bull and other chieftains greet Buffalo Bill in the company of three United States senators, ... and unworthy adversaries and victors.Scene 4, the shortest in the play, shows both the senators and Sitting Bull's Indians watching Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Scene 5 is this show itself, somethin ...

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Sitting Bull

Tatanka Yotanka (sitting Bull) Sitting Bull was born in 1831, during that time life was great for people on t ... thing that was needed like the Bison provided meat and skins for shelter. While still a small child Sitting Bull learned to use a small boy's bow. With his bow he hunted rabbits, birds and other small ... e killed his first Buffalo. At the age of fourteen he joined a raid against the Hunkapapa Lakota's (sitting bulls tribe) enemy, the Absaroke. Known later as the Crows. They were very formidable enemy ...

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annie oakley

ing with Buffalo Bill. She became the star of the show as Miss Annie Oakley. The great Sioux chief, Sitting Bull, gave her the nickname Little Sure Shot.Annie Oakley Oakley died on Was born November, ...

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When I was fairly young boy of about ten, I

scribed in a true account. The story of Red Hawk was a fictional biography of the great Sioux Chief Sitting Bull. I again could only hang my head in shame. We destroyed a culture that was actually at ...

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The History of Sitting Bull

is style of fighting, however, was not as productive as it was with other Indian tribes. Many times Sitting Bull was outnumbered and did not have the firepower that the white settlers used.Sitting Bul ... 's three personalities consisted of superlative warrior and huntsman, holy man, and good tribesman. Sitting Bull was the person that everybody admired. Many people looked up to him and was considered ...

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