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PAUL McCARTNEY, SIX FEET UNDER?I read the news today, oh boy, about a lucky man who made the grade...he blew his min ... rd 'LOVE' is spelled out by the Beatles, Paul's 'O' being left out. (O'Brien) George is pointing a 'sixth finger' at Paul, indicating an ill-omen. (Saki) 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' ... y roller. The song 'You Never Give Me Your Money' has this at the end: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all good children go to heaven. Apparently Paul was good enough in his life to get to he ...

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African Heart-Nosed bat can hear the footsteps of a beetle walking on sand from a distance of over six feet!4. The giant Flying Fox bat from Indonesia has a wing span of six feet!5. Disk-winged bats ...

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Great Sphinx by the best writer. not! Well it has some good information some people may not no yet.

f King Chephren. It is over two hundred forty feet long (almost the length of a football field) and sixty six feet high.The Great Sphinx stands in front of three great pyramids, named for the Pharaoh' ...

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Abraham Lincoln.

persuaded him throughout his life. By the time he was nineteen Abe reached his full grown height of six feet four inches. He held small jobs such as a clerk, postmaster and a few others through his ea ...

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Jimmy Smits--A Biographical Summary.

y returned to Brooklyn and attended Jefferson High School. Jimmy played football at first--standing six feet, two inches tall--but decided later on that acting was more important to him. He quit footb ... Blue, a very popular TV series. During his course of his five seasons of NYPD Blue, Smits garnered six Emmy nominations and won a Golden Globe Award. In 1999, after leaving the series (having played ...

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Life in the trenches

enetrated 12km, at most, into German lines.Front line trenches were about seven feet deep and about six feet wide. The allies were forced to build their trenches in lower ground so it was generally al ...

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This essay thoroughly explains the art of the rodeo in snowboarding. It is very informative.

k are that you need a runway where you will pick up your speed. The jump needs to give you at least six feet of air, so you have enough time to get a full rotation. It also needs a soft landing area t ...

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Trench Warfare in WW1

ee lines were called front, support, and reserve trenches. The front line trenches usually measured six feet and had a zigzag pattern to prevent enemy fire from sweeping the entire length of the trenc ... rve) were constructed to easily move supplies and troops to the front trenches.Trenches varied from six to eight feet in height. After wet rainy days trenches would get filled with water. In these tre ...

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Tell Asmar Statuettes, Victory Stele of Naram-sin, Law Code of Hammurabi, Ishtar Gate.

ring the Akkad period, which was around 2230 B.C. and made out of pink sandstone. It was also about six feet and six inches tall. Originally, this stele was erected in the town of Sippar, to the north ...

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vernment commissioned the mural for the 1937 World Fair in Paris. Guernica is a large mural, twenty-six feet wide and eleven feet tall, and was placed at the entrance to Spain's pavilion. Picasso did ...

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The life of Bessie Smith, the blues singer.

anted what she wanted, and had a temper that could become fiery if you crossed her. Bessie stood at six feet in height, and was over 200 pounds in weight, so not many people risked her wrath could be ...

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Fashions of the Roman World

arment for women of Ancient Greece was the Doric peplos, commonly worn through the beginning of the sixth century B.C. Made from a rectangle of woven wool, the Doric peplos measured about six feet in ...

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Almost Perfect

The place was called Lakeville, within Lakeville, VA lived a man named Seth Johnson. Seth was about six feet and one inch tall. He was a very handsome young man. He was twenty three years of age, brow ...

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Division and Classification Essay of the Stages of Growing Up

al bed while a mother gently cradles a baby in her arms, to the day a person may find himself lying six feet under; there has become an apparent process which every human must proceed through in order ...

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Kamodo Dragon

is it's unusual eating habits. The reason it's body structure interests me is because it is six feet long lizard. It's not everyday you see a six foot long lizard roaming around. It has a spli ... etecting predator since the only predator it has is itself and humans. You might think that a huge, six-foot long lizard that walks on all four feet might be slow, but it's amazingly fast. Like it's l ...

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The Inevitable

comply and his driving ability was pushed to the limits as he turned with the road, which appeared six feet in front of the car out of the cold mist. The headlights merely illuminated the smoke scree ...

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ighly intimidating Catholic Crusaders. It seemed as if every person on the team was no smaller than six feet and each hard as a rock looking as if they were made from stone. It was the fifth inning an ...

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Michael Jordan

was still a toddler. Jordan has two older brothers, one older sister, and one younger sister. He is six feet six inches tall and weighs 216 pounds. He went to Laney H.S. in Wilmington, North Carolina. ... 98). He was selected in 1996 as one of the "50 Greatest Players in NBA History". He was a member of six Chicago Bulls NBA championship teams (1990-91, 1991-92, 1992-93, 1995-96, 1996-97 and 1997-98). ...

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e water, and rip through to the bottom, bringing my hands to my sides. Dan's pool was approximately six feet deep, and when I dove in, my head struck the bottom, and my head snapped forward very hard. ...

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was shipped off to his grandmother's, Grandma Bradley.Grandma Bradley was a striking woman. She was six feet tall, strong, hefty and in terrific shape for he age. Charlie's grandmother loved to spend ... free time in town playing bridge, canasta or whist. She did not care much for her health and smoked sixty, thin individually rolled cigarettes a day. Grandma Bradley lived on a farm in a two-story hou ...

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