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Biomechanics: static jumping

s kinetic energy and consequently increases jump height (Lees, Clercq and Vanrenterghem, 2004).When muscles contract concentrically force is placed on the bone via tendons and movement occurs at the j ... e bone via tendons and movement occurs at the joint. This contractile force can be increased if the muscle performs a lengthening contraction before the commencement of the muscle shortening contracti ...

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muscular system

h intestines, to helping lifting heavy objects. It is made up of voluntary and involuntary muscles, skeletal, visceral, and cardiac muscles, blood vessels, tendons and nerves.Http:// ... htmlVoluntary muscles are muscles that you have conscious control over them. They are also known as skeletal muscles. Involuntary muscles are muscles you have no control over your brain and body tell ...

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PHYSIOLOGY CHAPTERS 9, 10, 12 PRE-TEST 3 1. The outermost layer of connective tissue surrounding a skeletal muscles is called the A. epimysium B. perimysium C. endomysium D. sarcomysium 2. Myofibrils ... ction would be A. muscle tone B. tetany C. twitch D. all of the above 9. The striated appearance of skeletal muscle results from the A. transverse tubal pattern B. sarcoplasmic reticulum network C. sa ...

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