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Simpsons-describing how the opening titles add to the Simpsons popularity and why they are so important to the Simpsons package

ost popular programmes ever to reign. However, when it first started it was taking up thirty-second slots during intervals in the "Tracy Ullman Show". Since then it has grown to become popular in over ...

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Casinos in Massachusetts

nomically correct, politically impossible. In April 2003, the House killed bills to let tracks have slots. A bill for a full casino for Suffolk Downs near Boston or Holyoke, which voted 59% - 41% pro- ...

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Gambeling. (different types)

and sometimes even on video games. It is also done alot in casinos on something very comman called "slots"..:~PrObLeM GaMbLiNg~:."Problem Gambling" is the term used to describe gambling behavior, whic ... kill (like beating each other in video games, pool, hoops, etc.)¤Dice games¤Board gamesLots of teens don't consider themselves gamblers, yet most of them do gamble. The don't gamble like ...

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Early Logic Machines

all box with a window in the top, along with two different colored slides that the user pushed into slots in the sides. Although Stanhope's brainchild doesn't sound like much it was a start, Stanhope ...

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Pro viewpoint on legalized slots and/or gambling legislation in Maryland

The issue of legalizing slots and/or legalized gambling in the State of Maryland is a complex one, and one of great conseque ... both the State's residents, and the future of the State itself. Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich's slots bill 322 proposes that the State place a total of 15,500 slot machines or video poker machines ... be chosen from a pool of four Maryland racetracks. The racetracks that would be eligible to install slots or video poker machines are Laurel Park racecourse in Laurel, Rosecroft Raceway in Prince Geor ...

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Animation and the history of computer animation

as named the 'Phenakistoscope' consisting of two discs mounted on the same axis. The first disc had slots around the edge, and the second contained drawings of successive action, drawn around the disc ... wn around the disc in concentric circles. When this was viewed in a mirror through the first disc's slots, the pictures on the second disc will appear to move. This was important because it shows how ...

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cts and promotes attitudes. The advertisements that are both hidden in videos and placed in regular slots, influence viewers. Whether or not MTV critics agree with these "messages" that the network se ...

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Special Interest Groups

ing commission within California. In the early 19th century gaming, such as cards, horse racing and slots were all illegal in the state of California.However within the last couple of decades gaming h ...

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