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Smoking cigarettes causes problems with my appearance, my health, my endurance, and my family.

stinks. The smell from cigarettes clings to my clothes and hair. Also, my fingers smell like stale smoke. I bathe in perfume to try to hide the smell. Waterless anti-bacterial hand wash helps to mask ... left behind by cigarettes.Second, I have developed a disgusting, phlegmy cough, better known as the smoker's cugh. In the morning, my husband tells me that it sounds as if I'm coughing up my lungs. It ...

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The bad side of marajuana and how it affects the human body and a couple interesting facts about extacie

did you know that when you smoke one marajuana cigarett it is worse than smoking one pack of cigaretts? thirty percent of car c ... little cells in your head called brain cells. marajuana also rotts away tour memory, so people who smoke marajuana are mor likely to forget things than people whodont. most people who buy and smoke m ... ls seven years later. so if you want to have a good future stay in scholl, go to colledge, and dont smoke marajuana, or dont do any drugs at all, why you might ask so you will live a longer more happy ...

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Abn Smoking In Public Places

Today we are used to going into a pub or resturant for a few hours and comming out smeeling of smoke. Even thought there are no smoking areas these areas are not keeping us away from the smoke. a ... these areas are not keeping us away from the smoke. a pub is perhaps the most natural habitat for a smoker. it is a place where they can indulge in alcohol on tobbaco! But hopefully this could all be ...

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Restrictions On Teen Privileges

e revised. The smoking law, for example, is setting teens up for failure. If a teenager is going to smoke, he or she is going to smoke whether he or she is "of age" or not. Having common sense, the la ...

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really thought about all the effects that smoking has.There are a lot of reasons why you should not smoke. Some of them are that smoking affects your health, that when you smoke you are not respecting ... ople around you and that you spend a lot of money on cigarettes.The first reason why you should not smoke is that smoking affects your health. If you smoke, your body condition will be negatively affe ...

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