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Pregnancy and Smoking. This is a Term Paper that I got an (A) on. It's 7 pages long including Bibliography. My research has been wide and thorough enough to support my thesis or purpose.

Pregnancy and SmokingI. Identification of a Public Health Issue:Currently, each day, approximately 1500 women star ... approximately 20 to 45 percent are pregnant (Windsor, Li, Lowe, Perkins, Ershoff and Glynn, 1993). Smoking during pregnancy leads to very serious consequences for both the mother and the unborn child ... r both the mother and the unborn child; however, there are ways to convince pregnant women to cease smoking.There are a number of very serious problems that are associated with tobacco use during preg ...

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the offspring (9). At least 20% - 30% of pregnant women are estimated to smoke cigarettes, although smoking is associated with low birth weight, prematurity and infant mortality. In the United States, ... tely after parturition, and for 1,200 to 2,200 death from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (7).Maternal smoking has been implicated in long term deficits in infant mental development and adverse behaviora ...

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During a pregnancy there are many choices to be made and smoking should not be one of them. Smoking while pregnant can cause major effects before the birth o ... birth of the child: 1) Cigarettes contains a large number of chemicals that harm unborn babies. 2) Smoking raises the levels of carbon monoxide in your bloodstream. This gives less oxygen for baby. 3 ... r percent of preterm deliveries and five percent of all perinatal could be prevented by eliminating smoking during pregnancy."Not only can smoking cause considerable damage to the unborn baby, but it ...

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Smoking and sudden infant death syndrome

Smoking and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)IntroductionSudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), has ... ntified risk factors across studies are: prone sleep position, sleeping on a soft surface, maternal smoking during pregnancy, overheating, late or no prenatal care, young maternal age, preterm birth a ... utero and postnatally. There has been much research establishing the link between maternal tobacco smoking during pregnancy and SIDS (Hunt, 2001; Klonoff-Cohen et al., 1995; Malloy et al., 1992), how ...

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smoking and pregnancy

Smoking in pregnancy is a significant health problem for the mother and the baby.Most women will qui ... smoke whilst pregnant or is it down to a lack of education? This essay will lookinto the dangers of smoking, the effects this can have on your unborn child and thereason expectant mothers may continue ... hers may continue to smoke and also what advice and supportis available to help pregnant women stop smoking. This essay will also include twoInterviews with two mothers who have admitted to smoking du ...

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