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Instrumental History Of the Drums

diameter of its bowl. Thisbowl is usually made of copper or fiberglass.Another primary drum is the snare drum. It was developed drom double-skinneddrum of medieval times known as the tabor. This drum ... also has no key, used mainly withdrums in playing marches.The tenor drum is closely related to the snare drum. It is somewhat largerin size and it has no snares across its lower skin. This drum is pl ...

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The Life and times of Kurt Cobain

t of his teens as a way to "leave everything that sucks behind". His first musical instrument was a snare drum, His parents say that he played it non stop after he got home from school, He was known t ...

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Drum history information.

f drums.If you are referring to the modern drumset,they started out as separate items:a bass drum,a snare drum a tom tom and cymbals.It took 3 or 4 people to play a drum part.Then someone connected a ...

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Life and Times of Gene Krupa.

set of Japanese drums; a great high, wide bass drum, with a brass cymbal on it, a wood block and a snare drum" ( Klauber, 86 ).His parents were very religious and had groomed Gene for the priesthood. ...

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DURATION-Always played in 4/4 time.-Tempo is relatively fast.1-Drum fill with accents on snare drum.2-Accents on counts 2 and 4 on the snare and crash cymbal.3-Bass plays predominantly semi ... uses electric pad "bass drop" makes a really low bass noise.-Capo used on 2nd fret.14-Crescendo on snare and ride. (0.04) And (1.12).TONE COLOUR15-A really rough rock sound.-Ghost notes on snare.16-G ... ar uses distortion and sometimes uses clean tone.7-Uses tambourine and Cabassa.20-Double strokes on snare.8-Palm muted on guitar as variation (varies) (1.45)9-Cowbell used in beat.TEXTURE10-Singing in ...

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Snare Drum, You and your instrument assignment

In class I play the snare drums, which are called the Side drum.The heads of the snare drums are made of calf skin (arou ... be drums that have drumheads that are tightened by screws). Across the bottom head of the drum (the snare head), is stretched a bundle of several gut, nylon, wire, or wire-covered silk strings (snares ... kes the upper head of the drum (batter head), the vibration transmitted from the batter head to the snare head by air vibrations inside the drum, and the snares then vibrate sympathetically with the s ...

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e streets for hours on end.A samba band normally consists of the following instruments: Tamborims , Snare Drums, Agogoes, Surdos, Cuica, Shakers, Timbal, Pandeiro, and the Repenique which is often pla ...

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