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Dangerous driving and the effects on Youth.

s driving, all of which have different meaning to different people, some are considered part of the social norm and others are considered to be deviant. Speeding for example is considered to be a norm ... se. The following analysis will provide a descriptive summary of the functionalist perspective, the social control theory and the power control theory.These theories have been applied to a news story ...

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Aspects of Social Bonding Theory.

Social structural theories attempt to explain why people commit crimes as related to the social stru ... ddress the broader questions about differences across societies or among major groups in a society. Social structural theories involve factors that can affect the individual but are beyond the control ... dual to change. They attempt to relate the extent of the crime and why they commit the crime to the social structure. Social structural theories do not simply try to locate individuals above or below ...

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In the context of crime, what are the purposes of punishment and does it work?

ssed in their unconscious. Furthermore, all humans have criminal tendencies. Through the process of socialisation, however, these tendencies are curbed by the development of inner controls that are le ... to criminal behaviour was faulty identification by a child with her or his parents. The improperly socialised child may develop a personality disturbance that causes her or him to direct antisocial i ...

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Serial Killers: Why Killers Kill.

s for it but there are people who have come up with their own theories for that answer. It may be a Social problem or a Psychological problem; this essay will elaborate on some of those theories. Seri ... elaborate on some of those theories. Serial Killer are made, and not born into society because the Social Control Theory and Agnew's General Strain Theory justify these claims.Aileen Pittman, born Fe ...

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Social control theory

hy people conform in group situations. Rather than trying to determine why some people deviate from social and legal norms, the control theory asks: Why does anyone conform? Why doesn't everyone viola ... y doesn't everyone violate the rules? The answer that seems most logical is that we conform because social controls prevent us from committing crimes. The control theory argues that people are motivat ...

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Crime and the Social Process

Criminologists have attempted with several studies to explain how crime can be viewed as a social process. Two important theories have shown ways in which crime can be viewed as a social proc ... which crime can be viewed as a social process. These theories are the general strain theory and the Social Control theory. Although being a criminal is not accepted as part of the social norm, factors ...

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Control Theory vs Strain Theory

r bond to society. Crime occurs when the forces that bind people to society are weakened or broken. Social theorist believe that people are born bad and must be controlled in order to be good. People ... damage their relationships with friends, parents, neighbors, teachers and employers. Without these social bonds, a person is free to commit criminal acts. Some people are able to control their action ...

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