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WWI & WWII, Same War Different Time

e had not resulted from defeats on the battlefield, but had instead come about because the Jews and Socialists had undermined the government and the war effort, leading to the armistice and the advent ...

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In what ways did the institutional legacy of the Franco regime shape Spain's transition to democracy?

ro Blanco, heir to the regime, to the 1982 democratic elections (3rd after Franco's death) when the Socialists won by a wide margin. The transition may have been relatively peaceful, but was not witho ...

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it is about Social Inequality and Social Stratification

Social Inequality and Social StratificationIn our everyday life, socialists said and used the terms Social Inequality and Social Stratification a lot. These phenomen ... aterials and elements. Also, they are components such as, income and education. About these topics, Socialists have written many theories, some said that stratification is natural in human societies; ...

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3 elements that caused social problems during 1920s in America

tions, since all Italians and anarchists were against all government. The case evoked protests from socialists, radicals, and prominent intellectuals, and remained a source of conflict for decades. Na ...

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Red Scare Describes the causes and consequences of the Red Scare of 1919

in the persecution and deportation of Americans thought to be radicals (communists, anarchists, or socialists). An unprecedented event, the Red Scare of 1919 exhibits how popular suppression and fear ... alist party were dismissed from office. In fact, the New York State Assembly dismissed five elected socialists. However, the most vivid example of the extent of the scare is illustrated by the Palmer ...

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Moblizing America Describes how the united stated mobleized its military, economy, and propoganda durring WWI

d be drafted into the military before the war ended. Although the draft met some dissenters, mostly socialists or racists opposed to blacks learning how to fight, it was widely successful in recruitin ...

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Difficulties of African American's lives in this countries.

various cities such as Omaha, Philadelphia, and Chicago. Over the years, political parties like the Socialists and Communists urged blacks to work for more extreme change. They were not successful. Bl ...

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Why Russia's provisional government failed when so many wanted a democracy.

ternizer, not a man prepared to lead a country. In addition, the revolutionaries, mainly made up of socialists reasoned that since the revolution was in its bourgeois stage the representatives of the ...

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An essay on capitalism describing basic market principles and the nature of government and freedom. Somewhat Randian.

Capitalism is in most aspects a refined form of all economic systems in history. While, many socialists see it as barbaric and competitive, capitalism represents the basic system nearly all cou ...

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A bookreport on Fascism in Western Europe: 1900-45, by Kedward, Roderick. Simple and concise, it also briefly examines the credibility of the author.

thesis of many ideas and a compromise between conflicting sides. For example, fascists were neither socialists nor capitalists, but believed in ideas from both viewpoints. In addition, fascism was a s ... films, novels, and lectures that smeared the images of Jews. Other countries smeared the images of socialists to bring about the feeling of superiority in its own citizens. When approaching the quest ...

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A Case Study: The General Election of 1951

CONSTITUENCY OF PLYMOUTH'Victory but not triumph for the Conservatives, defeat but no rout for the Socialists'THE NATIONAL PICTUREBy 1951, Clement Attlee's Labour Government was on its knees. Most of ... ld to be treated as a 'major operation', 'each fight' an individual fight (WEH 05/10), opposing the Socialists everywhere. Mr Ball, Astor's agent, announced that they were 'keyed up and ready for batt ...

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How did Great Britain, France, and the United States respond to the Great Depression?

r the other countries did. However, when it did, there was political chaos. Eventually, Communists, Socialists, and Radicals formed a Popular Front government. The Popular Front made the French New De ...

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Was Karl Marx history's greatest optimist?

niated man of his times.' That hate and calumny had a specially persistent quality.For most rebels, socialists and even revolutionaries, death brings relief from high-born abuse. Hated though they wer ...

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Cold Race Into Space

the ideological concept was brought up. The United States of America and the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republic engaged in an ideological conflict known as the Cold War from 1945 to 1989. It w ...

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Influence of James Burnham in Orwell's 1984

would consist on "bureaucrats, scientists, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, socialists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians." In 1984, we see Big Brother as thi ...

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Discuss how George Orwell uses language techniques to represent power in "Animal Farm."

he criticized the right (fascists and capitalists) as freely as he criticized the left (anarchists, socialists, and communists). Orwell used his writings mainly to expose the negative effects that pol ...

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The work of the Ku Klux Klan

citizens of the U.S. by the Bill of Rights to African-Americans, immigrants, Roman-Catholics, Jews, socialists, communists, and anyone else who went against its beliefs or interfered in its work.The K ... eting more than African Americans. The Klan now fought against African-Americans, foreigners, Jews, socialists, Roman Catholics, and communists, with its main opponent being the NAACP. "All hyphenated ...

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To what extent should the government intervene in the economy to protect the public interest?

government involvement in the economy, either through control or ownership of productive resources. Socialists believe that the government should provide basic necessities for all, as well it believes ...

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Nazi Camp System

of the Nazi state. In the early years of the Third Reich, the Nazis targeted mostly Communists and Socialists. In about 1935, the regime also looked down heavily on the Jews. They were hated by the N ...

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Stalin and the cult of personality

k together if it were to accomplish the huge task of transforming an unwilling population into good socialists. They therefore did not want a leader who might cause divisions among the different wings ...

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