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"Culture jamming to be or not to be" Based on A Review of Kalle Lasn's Culture Jam By Odiley Festus 065335

th major reference to Kalle Lasn book.It is also important to highlight the importance of Debord's 'Society of the spectacle' as the blue print for the uprising of concept of culture jamming. Both boo ... Or simply it can be described as a way of life of a group of persons in any given place, country or society. Cultural studies aims at interpreting or understanding the cultural patterns embroiled in s ...

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The Situationist International.

, the pamphlet had already rapidly circulated around campuses in France.A year later, Debord's "The Society of the Spectacle" was published. In it, Debord's criticizes post-war United States and Europ ... is not by accident that people do not make "real communication" or discussions on how to form a new society in place of capitalism. Known as the critique of separation, we are isolated from each other ...

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Situationist International

of the perpetual depression that seemed to engulf it at the time. The group tried to influence the society around them at large through 'cultural jamming.' Here they used posters, radio broadcasts, c ... ey thought Art was to be a part of norm and not an exclusive activity. The Situationist critique of society identifies a modern-day trend that is devoted to the mediation of culture and experiences th ...

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