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The Study of Akali Metal Contamination in Road Side Soil

d salt contamination. This contamination is characterized by the presence of magnesium, calcium and sodium. The relationship between akali metal concentration and distance from the pavement was examin ... common technique in snow and ice removal on roadways is the application of magnesium, calcium, and sodium chloride salts to the surface of the road. When the ice melts it dissolves these salts and ca ...

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Disappearing X Experiment. Coursework about sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid. Method, Results, Fair Testing, Evaluation included. Was marked with a passing grade.

Disappearing X ExperimentIntroductionI am going to investigate the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate (thio) and hydrochloric acid.Hydrochloric Acid + Sodium Thiosulphate "" sodium c ... tus1 small measuring cylinder1 large measuring cylinder1 small beaker1 large beakerHydrochloric AcidSodium ThiosulphateCross drawn on paperConical flaskWaterStopclockMethodFirst of all we measured out ...

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Chemestry on sodiumthiosulphate turning hydrochloric acid milk.

Investigate the rate of reaction between sodium thiosulphate and hydrochloric acid, when you change the concentrationAim The aim of th ... onAim The aim of this experiment is to investigate what affects the rate of reaction between Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid. By using the variable of sodium thiosulphate concentratio ... using the variable of sodium thiosulphate concentrationEquationsNa2S2O3 + 2HCl = 2NaCl +SO2 H2O + SSodium thiosulphate + hydrochloric acid = Sodium Chloride + sulpur dioxide + water + sulpurBackgroun ...

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This investigation discusses Eggs' Mass in Different Solutions.

ater will undergo plasmolysis.Materials8 200 mL beakers2 trays600 mL vinegar (acetic acid)9 g salt (sodium chloride)1, 150 mL distilled water150 mL corn syruppiece wax paper4 unfertilized eggstriple b ...

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Title: Separation by Filtration and Crystallisation. The first year 11 Chem prac write up... the structure is at least correct... :p

- 100mL Beaker (2)- 25mL graduated cylinder.- Filter paper- Boiling Chips- Matches- NaCl/C mixture (sodium chloride/Charcoal 4g.)- NaCl/CuCl^2 mixture (Sodium chloride/copper (II) chloride mixture, 8g ... glass and allow the ethanol to evaporate.Observations and ResultsIn each section of the experiment Sodium Chloride enables the separation of each mixture. This is the only possible property as it was ...

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Environmental Effects of Salinity

Australia's Landscape. It has been in the soil since well before farming began. Most of the salt is sodium chloride (NaCl), which is table salt, however there are also varying amounts of other salts p ... (NaCl), which is table salt, however there are also varying amounts of other salts present such as: sodium bicarbonate (NaHSO4: baking soda), sodium sulphate (Na2SO4: soda ash), magnesium sulphate (Mg ...

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The effect on Potato in Salt Solution. J de Salles

of mineral ions. When they are suddenly flooded with seawater, concentration of which is 0.3 molar Sodium Chloride, they are observed to wilt and become flaccid.AimThe aim of this experiment is to in ... roughout the experiment.VariablesThe independent variable of this experiment is the molarity of the sodium chloride solution. This will be changed and should cause changes in the dependant variables. ...

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Comparing the solubility's of copper sulphate, sodium chloride and potassium nitrate

Comparing the solubility's of copper sulphate, sodium chloride and potassium nitrateBackground InformationMolecular solids (sugar) and ionic solids ... when hydrated. May irritate skin, eyes,nose and throat. May affect liver if inhaled orswallowed.2. Sodium Chloride - Common rock salt.(NaCl)3. Potassium Nitrate - Colourless crystals. May ignite comb ... information from a data booklet:Copper Sulphate - 1.39 נ10?? moles dissolve in 100g of water.Sodium Chloride - 6.15 נ10?? moles dissolve in 100g of water.Potassium Nitrate - 3.75 נ1 ...

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Investigation: How does the concentration affect the rate of a reaction?

reaction?Aim:To investigate the effect of concentration on the rate of a chemical reaction between sodium thiosulphate solution and hydrochloric acid.Reaction:I will investigate the reaction between ... and hydrochloric acid.Reaction:I will investigate the reaction between different concentrations of sodium thiosulphate solution with hydrochloric acid.Na2S2O3(aq) + HCL(aq) = S(s) = H2O(l) + SO2(g) + ...

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Lab Report: Flame Test

sen burnerNichrome wireBarium NitrateCopper NitrateStrontium NitrateLithium NitratePotassium NitrateSodium ChlorideCalcium NitrateUnknown solutions A,B, & CHydrochloric AcidWash bottle (with disti ... lue/green to orangeLithium Nitrate purple/red to orangePotassium Nitrate pink/purpleSodium Chloride bright orangeCalcium Nitrate red/orangeStrontium Nitrate red ...

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Lab Report: Physical and Chemical Changes

glassCrucible tongsSpatulaBalanceMeeker burnerRing standIron ringWire gauzeForcepsSulfurIron filingsSodium BicarbonateSodium ChlorideSugarSandMagnesium ribbonHydrochloric AcidDistilled waterFilter pap ... le dishesProcedure:1. Label 7 of the dishes with the names of the following products: Sulfur, Iron, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Chloride, Sugar, Sand, and Magnesium. Place small samples of each in the ...

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Chemistry year 11 Syllabus Summary

ecomposed into simpler substances, for example into elements. Some common compounds are table salt (sodium chloride), sodium carbonate (washing soda).•In solids, particles are packed closely toge ... lved in small amounts of the elements oxygen and nitrogen and compounds such as carbon dioxide, and sodium, calcium and magnesium chlorides and sulfates. Sea water is a mixture of water and sodium chl ...

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Sodium Chloride

alt" from the Chinese and the Greek from when they used to trade salt for slaves. After the news of Sodium Chloride had spread, people were using it to keep their meat preserved and fresh, and they we ... ods, etc (Seaborg, page 79).The formula for the compound is NaCl, which has the name table salt, or Sodium Chloride. ( Chloride was discovered a very long time ago. It dates ...

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Sodium Hydroxide - Production

Task: Research and describe the production of a named chemical including safety precautions.Sodium Hydroxide: Sodium Hydroxide, a white solid with a melting point of 318°C, is otherwise kn ... melting point of 318°C, is otherwise known as caustic soda or lye. The major industrial uses of sodium hydroxide are in the manufacture of chemicals, pulp and paper, aluminium, soaps and detergent ...

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Lab Write Up For Separation by Filtration and Crystallization

ave different solubilities in a particular solvent.AimThe purpose of this experiment is to separate sodium chloride/charcoal and sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixtures.Equipment requiredBalanceF ... dBeakers (two 100mL)Graduated cylinder (25 mL)Filter paper (Whatman No. 1—three 12.5 cm sheets)Sodium chloride/charcoal mixture (4 g)Sodium chloride/copper(II) chloride mixture (8 g)Ethanol (25 m ...

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Essay & Research Project #2

an acid and carbonate react, it gives of carbon dioxide, which turns limewater cloudy. For example:Sodium Carbonate + Hydrochloric acid → Sodium Chloride + Water + Carbon DioxideNa2CO3 + 2 HCl & ... tion can be heated in order for the water to evaporate; salt crystals will then be seen. For exampleSodium Hydroxide + Hydrochloric Acid → Sodium Chloride + WaterNaOH + HCl → NaCl + H2O7. Ex ...

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Intermolecular forces- describing the three types of bonding, giving examples, and intermolecular forces

d might be lending your friend money to so they may buy lunch. An example of an ionic bond would be sodium with chlorine (Carpi 2003). Sodium, a silver colored metal, will react violently with the tox ... i 2003). Sodium, a silver colored metal, will react violently with the toxic chlorine gas, and each sodium atom will give up an electron to each chlorine atom (Carpi 2003). The result of this ionic bo ...

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Title: Dehydration Instructions: Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper about the effects of dehydration.

to the body when it does not get the water it needs?Compare and contrast how different electrolytes-sodium, potassium, and chloride- function in the body.What effects can alcohol and caffeine have on ... loop diuretics may cause a substantial diuresis this can go up to 20% of the filtered load of NaCI (Sodium Chloride) and water. (Wikipedia)•Calcium-sparing diuretics are used sometimes to identif ...

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Sedimentary Rocks

rocks, which are formed from the evaporation of water that has a mineral content that is high like sodium chloride. This formation can take place in an open or a closed system where the minerals are ...

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