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Air Polution

prevent air pollution.Air pollution is the presence in the atmosphere of harmful gases, liquids, or solids. Air pollution, known as smoke pollution for many years, resulted from coal combustion (Hodge ...

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The Reactivity of Metals and Their Discovery

stay in the same shape, and ductile means that they can be formed and shaped into wires. Metals are solids (except for mercury and gallium), and they tend to be very strong and can hold big masses and ...

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What is Convection and why Convection can't [simply] happen in solids?

QuestionConvection can't [simply] happen in solids. Why?Because there are no free molecules.Examples of convection1.Domestic hot water systemCol ...

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Phases of matter and vapor pressure.

How do we describe phase changes?What are the phases of matter?The four phases of matter include:oSolidsoLiquidsoGasesoPlasmasA phase change involves a change in the physical state of a substance fr ... f a substance from one phase to another such as: or vice versaoSolid- liquidoLiquid- gasoSolid - gasSolidsThe physical state of matter characterized by particles that appear to vibrate about fixed poi ...

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Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Reactions

e substance, but they still move a lot so liquids flow and take shape of the container they are in. Solids are atoms and molecules that are jammed closely together, they are still moving but they don' ...

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irst cubist works were those in which objects, landscapes, and people are represented as many-sided solids. This enables you to see various views of the object at the same time. Later, cubism changed ...

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Sound: More Than What You Hear

we hear travel in air, which scientists classify as a gas. But sound can also travel in liquids and solids. Sound travels most rapidly in solids, and more rapidly in liquids than in gases.A substance ... ser than the other, sound will travel more slowly through the denser medium.In general, liquids and solids are denser than air. But they are also much less compressible. Therefore, sound travels faste ...

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The Physics Behind Range-Top Cooking

is transferred in the range-top cooking device is through conduction. This method is most common in solids, like the surface of the cooking device, and is also used in such things as thermometers. The ...

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Classification of Sciences

mathematics of the properties, measurement and relationships of points, lines, angles, surfaces and solids. Probabilities may be defined as the branch of mathematics which studies a number expressing ...

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The history of the atomic theory. This essay discusses Aristotle, Democritus and Alchemy.

ue properties (see Diagram 1). For example, he described gas as containing rapidly vibrating atoms, solids as containing highly condensed atoms, and liquids as containing viscous atoms.Democritus was ...

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Title: Kinetic Molecular Theory

t between particlesThe explanation below gives more information about the three states of matter:i) solids> particles are held together in a regular pattern by strong attractiveforces.> particle ...

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Separating seawater through desalination

ion process of pre-treatment it involves mostly of filtration (physical separation) removing larger solids in seawater.2. Next, when the water travels through a pipe, its ph rate has been adjusted, if ... ocess's wastes include the mixture of particles trap on filter paper containing mostly of sands and solids (metals, organic waste). It is cleaned every few day, the process of cleaning it would includ ...

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Hydrogen Bonding including BRIEF mentions to forces between non-metals and application of hydrogen bonding.

o not carry a charge. This is partially the reason why molecular substances do not usually exist as solids, but they are able to be held together in the liquid or gaseous state by intermolecular force ...

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llusion of from in the Turner manner, but he sought to bring out the structure of objects and their solids character, and this was done mainly by manipulating colour. His aim was not to depict the act ...

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The Salivary Glands

salivary gland and gingival fluid exudates. It is slightly alkaline and consists of water and 0.58% solids. Saliva has many functions. It serves as protection for it is a lubricant. Its glycoprotein c ...

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Density Report

e of the lab has 2 principles; they are the following: Part A: To confirm the identity of 3 regular solids based on their densities.Part B: To confirm that density is an intensive property.Part A: In ... confirm that density is an intensive property.Part A: In order to verify the densities of the three solids, which were the subjects of our experiments, you need to find the mass and the volume of the ...

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Solubility Curves

sen burner flame until all of the potassium nitrate dissolved.10.Turned off Bunsen burner (when all solids dissolved).11.Removed test tubes from beaker.12.Placed thermometer, in the solution, in each ...

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Van gogh

f beauty, make a direct appeal to the emotions through the senses, Thus, the medium of sculpture is solids, the medium of music is sound and the medium of painting is color." Appreciation of art is th ...

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Hotpack Cold Pack Lab

aker. This action threw off the group?s calculations because the initial temp changed each time new solids were placed in the water. Based on common sense and comparing other group?s initial temperatu ...

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The Process of decomposition of mixtures into compounds and elements: Grey Water and Crude Oil

the surface with the help on tiny air bubbles. Now two components have been formed, clean water and solids (sludge).-The solid waste is sent to a landfill and the water is sent to another reaction tan ... charged polymer.The products of the waste water once it has gone through the separation process are solids which can now be taken to a landfill and clean, safe grey water which can be recycled or rele ...

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