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Louis de Bernieres - Captain Corelli's Mandolin: How has Louis de Bernières in the first nine chapters made the reader intimately acquainted with Cephallonia, the people, and the way of life?

dy feels an intimate connection growing between him, Cephallonia and its people. The island becomes something personal and special that the reader shares with the characters, and that nobody else has. ...

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Discuss the importance of reason and emotion in distinguishing between belief and knowledge?

wledge, knowledge refers to justified true belief. However, to distinguish knowledge from belief is something totally different. Knowledge is almost always valid as it has been justified. Belief on th ... t. Knowledge is almost always valid as it has been justified. Belief on the other hand, is based on something personal from someone, usually lacking judgment, understanding and justification. Belief i ...

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Civil War Test

itory and defeat them. Now the South had to defend its home. I believe people will fight harder for something if they are at home, which they were, and have something personal to lose. I believe that ... y made you stay. Most people in the south that signed up because they believed that they were doing something patriotic for themselves as well as for their "country." Now I do think that the sou ...

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