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Vision for the PoorPresident Benigno Aquino III's longest SONA ever was something that gained both positive and negative remarks from different personalities ... rent side of the coin.First, I would like to commend the president for making an effort to give the SONA in Filipino and for not giving theoretical measurements on the health of the economy which may ... right now is how to make these achievements noticeable to the poor. I hope to hear this in his next SONA.Marynit P. Rivera2010-59497

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Drunkard Of The River

A.) The text is about a boy called Sona who lives with his mother and father. Every Saturday the father is down at the bar where he dri ... th the fathers drinking, but the mother loves the father. When the father is drunk the mother tells Sona to sail down to the bar and drag him home and Sona always denies because that is very humiliati ... d Sona always denies because that is very humiliating for him but then the mother begins to cry and Sona reluctantly sails down to the bar.One Saturday night he is as usual down at the bar to get the ...

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