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The Age of Acceptance: What it's Like to be Thirteen

like a little kid and times when you just want to wear fuzzy pajamas and watch Disney movies," said Sonja, age thirteen. "It is a time when it can feel like everyone is waiting for you to make a mista ...

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English Letter - a letter to english teacher summerizing book "A Dozen Black Roses" by Nancy A. Collins

mmer was called A Dozen Black Roses. It is a fictional book about the experience of a vampire named Sonja Blue, written by Nancy A. Collins. I chose this book because I enjoy reading stories about the ... le-play game out of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, ghouls and so many other creatures.In this story, Sonja Blue, the main character, is very different from the rest. She is a vampire, but she is not a ...

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Crime and Punishment -- Discuss the Nture of Sonja's Goodness

Sonja's goodness towards Roskolnikov was something that was nonetheless from the female sex. Her goo ... at was nonetheless from the female sex. Her goodness was something natural and was meant to happen. Sonja seems to be the principle of what Dostoyevsky was looking to portray in her characteristic fee ... tter? With the intention of that question, it's something to ponder. Roskolnikov didn't take use of Sonja's camaraderie towards him, and use the excellent intellectual and positive assistance to the f ...

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