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This is a comparison of two scenes for film Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.

are two very different parts of middle-earth. An array of different camera techniques, lighting and sound effects are used to control the viewers reaction.The first shot of the shire is a LS of Frodo ... less blue. As the camera zooms in on Frodo, the theme music for the shire dies down leaving the raw sound effects left. This adds to the naturalness and idealistic portrayal. Frodo then runs across th ...

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What are the important features at the beginning of the film Punitive Damage?

eatures that help to introduce the ideas, storylines and atmosphere. Some of these features are the soundtrack, visual techniques, camera angles and characters. Assisted by executive producer Gaylene ... es and characters. Assisted by executive producer Gaylene Preston, cinematographer Leon Narbey, and sound designer Mike Hopkins, Goldson has produced a complex and powerful film.The film opens with wh ...

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Comparing two film versions of Romeo and Juliet

modern times (the last 40 years) somewhere in the U.S.A.I will be looking at the visual images, the sound effects, and the style of the movie. One difference of two films is that the Zeffirelli starts ...

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How do the filmmakers of Chicken Run use presentational devices to reveal the good and evil in the characters of Ginger and Mrs. Tweedy?

portrayed. I will use the characters to discuss camera angles, costumes, lighting, settings, music, sound effects and character interactions to create more meaning to the audience viewing Chicken Run. ... re are also seven other presentational devices that are used; these are setting, costume, lighting, sound effects, body language and character intervention. Each of the devices are specifically put in ...

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setting as well. In the sci-fi genre you expect to see spaceships, lasers, phasers etc. The sound effects and music of a sci-fi film has mysterious and bold music, there is also many sound eff ... in it. "Sleepy Hollow" fulfils the expectations of a Horror film in the use of non-diegetic sound, for example before the credits start there is a clip of a lion wandering through woods as soo ...

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Review of the film 'Dogville'

sion. Outlines on a black floor designate everything from houses and trees to the neighborhood dog; sound effects take the place of doors creaking open and closed. The initial feeling from the rough a ...

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Jimi Hendrix and His Life Accomplishments

nsive use but sensitively nuanced use of feedback, distortion, and other electronically manipulated sound effects." ("Hendrix, Jimi"). Some found the performances he put on to be crazy or insane, but ... ival on the London pop scene was unprecedented." (Fricke) His new style of using lots of electronic sound effects was very different and new, and to some people probably it just sounded like a bunch o ...

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The Spirit of the Philippines, in Chicago

dding! You are actually in the mystical John G. Shedd Aquarium exhibit, which encapsulate the vivid sounds, attractions, and atmosphere of Apo Island. This all is the "Wild Reef," which will be a perm ... g of at least 25 sharks. The water in the tank is a dark blue for the effect of deep sea and it has sound effects. Across from the shark exhibit is the stingray exhibit. Sharks and stingrays swimming ...

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The Usual Suspects Movie Review Film Studies 500 word essay

As many readers know that in film making the importance of sound and light in a movie play a big role in the movie, they detail character and suspense. With ou ... s in what makes a movie great.Threw out the scenes in the movie it dealt with a lot of lighting and sound effects. Most of its scenes would have sharp cuts to tight close-ups with dramatic music to ac ... les you to emphasize and alter characters mode in a scene throughout the film.For the most part the sounds use in the movie where all different. I mean different in a good way, not in a bad crappy way ...

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Book vs. Film

ate emotional responses and to create the mood in the various scenes. Working hand-in-hand with the sound effects, it has effectively managed to instill fear, excitement and anticipation in the film, ... he speed, danger and the excitement of the game itself.Dialogue →Compliments characterization (sound of voice as aspect of character)→Cannot be as extensive as in literary text - more conden ...

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An essay describing techno music and history of techno music. Including some aspiring artists.

music is the same feeling you get when you're at a party or dance. Techno usually uses computerized sound effects instead of people actually purchasing and playing a musical instrument such as the Gui ... arles Johnson also known as "The Electrifying Mojo". Mojo's show featured heavy doses of electronic sounds from the likes of George Clinton, Kraftwerk, and Tangerine Dream, among others. If it weren't ...

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"Braveheart" Movie Review

m also won five academy awards; including best picture, director, cinematography, makeup as well as sound effects. The major theme through out this movie is freedom and destiny. That one should always ...

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"City Light" movie review

was not entirely a silent film even though it is often put into the silent film category. There are sounds including music and sound effects, but no dialogue. Chaplin uses sound for comedic moments an ...

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Television drama: "Jessica"

ance of sex in a relationship, gender expectations and discrimination are expressed through camera, sound effects and characters.Sex was forbidden for those unmarried in the early 20th century, and la ... contained, including talking between the two, to add to the effect and harmonious music is the only sound present. Jack and Jessica look at each other continuously and close-ups of their eyes and smil ...

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How does Baz Luhrman reveal Shakespeare to a modern audience? Consider the effectiveness in the opening of the film "Romeo and Juliet"

hem to situations we are used to. He also achieves his purpose by film techniques such as music and sound effects, camera angles, props, costumes and actors.The first thing we see in the film depicts ...

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How science impacted my life

as seeing how the life on Earth and in the whole universe started. It was so realistic with all the sound effects and the movement of the chairs. After a field trip to the museum, it built up my inter ...

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The filmmaker uses visual and sound elements to give the viewer insights into the way Powerplay is expressed and used in "1984". T ... e power over others and the tactics that are employed to influence, manipulate and control society. Sound and Visual elements are used to enforce this. These include costumes, positioning of character ... ioning of characters, gestures, facial expressions, props, lighting, camera work, voices, tones and sound effects.This scene was set in the Ministry of Love. Immediately you could distinguish who had ...

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d it was I believe it was the beginning of the great horror movies today. It had the camera angles, sound effects, and lighting that helped make the movie believable and my imagination run wild. Consi ... d. Once I thought about that I realized that the whole movie could have been very different without sound in the shower scene. It just helped give that extra element of surprise. Especially since, it ...

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How Does Golding Make The Physical World Seem Important In Lord Of The Flies?

d to illustrate the different personalities of the main characters of the book; different light and sound effects are used for this purpose. Also, Golding descriptions of the natural world found in th ... e scent of ripeness and the booming of a million bees", the bees "roar", there is "sunlight". Life, sound and colour all mix up in one spot, like in Ralph's forest, showing all the goodness of the nat ...

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"Psycho" is a film about being trapped

viewer until the climatic ending. Through the use of camera angles, film techniques, dialogue, and sound effects, the film portrays the main characters as they are being trapped, unable to escape the ... the road. She is trapped by the thoughts of being caught.The next morning when she wakes up to the sound of cop tapping on her window, Hitchcock's extreme close up makes Marion feel inferior. His gaz ...

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