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Recording Engineer.

tioned machine room.Audio recording engineers usually work behind the scenes when compared to their sound reinforcement counterparts. Audio engineers work with the band and their producer but do not m ...

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Inventor of the Compact Disc

played too many times. One Saturday afternoon, he sat down and started to sketch out a better music recording system. After years of work, he completed the system, and patented it as the compact disc ...

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Sound Production and Engineering Analysis: Three Pop Songs

ncies. A vintage organ was improvised on to compliment the melody being laid by the bass. The fuzzy sound of the organ and synthetic record crackling were used as an accent to give the song a vintage ... ital producers toil to reproduce.Ween: "So Many People in the Neighborhood" (Quebec, 2003)This song sounds to me like an engineer went nuts and had a lot of fun experimenting with processing. The prod ...

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Pre-Production Research I had to decide whether to use an analogue or digital format for my product therefore I researched both intensively.

camera making a complete unit or camcorder, is to store the electronic impulses that represent the sound and picture created by the camera and microphone in the form of ones and zeros, and rather tha ... ue of an auto-focusing facility. The biggest weakness for broadcast camera-work applications is the sound provision. Apart from the lack of manual adjustment of sound level on some cameras, there is o ...

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A cover and two invented pages from a magazine about the 1980s. This was part of a class assignment. Articles relate to electronics, movies, music, and teen diction.

as always frustrated by the wear and tear of his phonograph records. He was also unhappy with their sound quality. Having a history of developing new data storage technology, he started sketching out ... ing. He knew that if you could represent the binary 0 and 1 with dark and light a device could read sounds or any other information without wearing it out and if he could make the binary compact enoug ...

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w to the mixing process.Before starting a mix you need to have a vision of how you want your mix to sound. Refer to Cds that examples of what you are trying to achieve, for creative and tactical purpo ... r ears to the monitors should be set up so the room acoustics to not play a significant role in the sound of your mix. For example, the monitors are too far away and the room is reflective your mix wi ...

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Super Loud.

highest notes of a singer's Falsetto voice. These create a desire for an even better, more complete sound and prompt people to choose to upgrade their speakers. New speakers are better equipped to pro ... ake major strides in utilizing physics and acoustics in order to make their competition, or S.P.L. (sound pressure level), vehicles the loudest. Being able to win contests and even break records is ve ...

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Techniques and Technologies of the Recording Studio

sorts of electrified instruments. By the end of the 1920's, phonographs had switched to electronic sound amplification (Gruhn 6). Eighty years later, we came up with all sorts of things that those ea ... exactly what a studio is. A studio is a room acoustically tuned for the purpose of getting the best sound possible on tape while using a microphone pickup. In other words, the studio needs to be struc ...

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t I walk in the doors and find myself surrounded by my future. LED displays on a mixer blink as the sound changes in volume. I take a step back and look at this marvel in awe; millions of dollars of e ... step back and look at this marvel in awe; millions of dollars of equipment cover the walls of this sound studio: ProTools rigs, tube pre-amps, vacuum tube microphones and a endless supply of rack-mou ...

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After High School

After high school I plan to pursue a career in the music buisness, more specifically as a recording engineer. There are various reasons for my decision, but three of the most important one a ... music school which I am looking into, and I know there are a lot of opportunities for people with a recording engineer degree. First of all, my stepbrother introduced me to music at an early ag ...

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