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Civil War Spies

Male and female spies were essential sources of information during the Civil War. The best spies were people you would never suspect. Spi ...

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What are the main sources of information we have available for the Roman Empire?

ains of previous human existence to ascertain information on their life and culture. There are many sources of information available for archaeologists on the Roman Empire, the main ones of which I wi ... Celsus' at Ephesus is an example of an excavated library), aqueducts and forums are of great use as sources of information, showing the complexity of Roman life.During the first century AD there seems ...

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The Quantity, Quality and Privacy of Information on the Internet.

n the Internet might not be up to date or accurate, but some of it is bound to be true. Some of the sources of information might not be reliable. The Internet is an asset, assuming that those using it ... ming that those using it understand that the information retrieved is only as sound as the original sources. The Internet should be used as a tool for research, and the information available on it sho ...

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Marsden Community Stores - Case Study

sden.For example was the supply chain orientation of the research sufficiently rigorous? What other sources of information could have been explored in the timescale required?Evaluation of pilot resear ... more feasible work than doing "donkey work".3.A larger internal study should have been pursed.Other sources of information which could have been used1.How many variety of skills do workers have2.How q ...

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Should schools provide women with equal funding for their sport programs?

ze both sides of the argument and determine which side is ethical. And lastly I had to identify the sources of information and decide if I agree with them or not.The issue is: Should schools be requir ...

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Preserving Flowers

es, one should not rely solely on books or articles.Experienced growers will frequently be the best sources of information. Ingeneral, flowering plants require ample sunlight, good drainage and agrowi ...

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Reading strategies

tries to summarize the main idea of the book but depends on what kind of books she reads. The most sources of information she relies on are Internet and library. Internet is a very useful and fast to ... e book first and then read it in detail. Also I will take some notes for me to remember easily. The sources of information I rely on are Internet, library and bookstore. Internet is very fast but some ...

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Computer Analyst

the analyst must meet a deadline. While striving for a deadline, he must create and comprehend many sources of information for the presentation. He must review the systems capabilities, workflow, and ...

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1976 Tangshan Earthquake

analysis of the earthquake difficult. Few foreigners were allowed into the country, and nonChinese sources of information were primarily anecdotal. Nearly twenty years later, political changes within ... . For the first two days following the quake, people drank from ponds, gutters, and swimming pools, sources not suitable for human consumption (Yong 64). Because all hospitals were destroyed and most ...

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Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS)

addiction studies, which will tell the ways in which HIV infection can be prevented.2.0 OverviewThe sources of information for this essay were mostly from online journal articles, as well as from othe ...

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Analyze the usefullness of having access to the DIPEx website.

the implications of having access to the database 'DIPEx'. It will explain how the website provides sources of information about medical situations and compare this with the information available via ... to their health.Society is lucky in the respect that because of technology the public now have more sources available to them for information; the internet, the media, and leaflets which are available ...

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Controversy too Close to Home?

bout. But imagine going through puberty with no knowledge of sex, no sexual outlet, and no reliable sources of information about sex. "Spring Awakening", a pre-Expressionist masterpiece written in the ...

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Archival Research

rts history and the legacy of the legendary race horse Red Rum.Archives and documents are secondary sources of information and Hall and Hall (1996) identify that secondary sources of information shoul ... d "to add something to your data" (Langley, 1987, p. 43).Archival and documentary research includes sources such as historical documents, declarations and peoples accounts of events or periods in whic ...

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Ancient Ireland Through Different Eyes: Review the book "How the Irish Saved Civilization" by Thomas Cahill and the film "In Search of Ancient Ireland" and compare and contrast the two.

reland" and the book by Thomas Cahill titled "How the Irish Saved Civilization" are two fascinating sources of information on early Irish history. They each discuss the role of religion in ancient Ire ... cient Ireland, as well as the invasions of the Vikings. Although each examine the same issues, both sources present slightly different views, one being somewhat more biased, and the other a more objec ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of Internet

rvices, has emerged. It plays an important part in our life as a means of communication and endless sources of information. however, it cannot be denied that the Internet is bringing our children dang ...

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A Circular Relationship: The Role of Trust in Knowledge Management and Organizational Systems

se scientists, engineers, and other people who have ready access to databases and other "impersonal sources" of information still opt for knowledge from their colleagues or superiors (Levin and Cross, ... leap of faith to accept knowledge from another party. There are issues related opportunities and resources and then there are issues centered on possible interferences and adversities, i.e. the risk ...

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Investment Policy Statement

(ii) methodology used, computation and construction of portfolio; and (iii) performance evaluation.Sources of information used in this report are authentic and mainly from reliable sources. The secur ... inly from reliable sources. The security data and other relevant figures of data are from authentic sources such as ASX, RBA and ANZ bank.The Treynor and Sharpe ratios are positive. The excel solver h ...

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Julio - Claudians

udians provided Rome with consistent, if not spectacular, leadership. Assess the reliability of our sources on the Julio-Claudians and account for their views" The death of Augustus did not see ... rom AD 14-68. They have today, become some of the best known emperors of the Roman Empire.The major sources of information about the Julio-Claudians emperors are the works of Tacitus and Suetonius. It ...

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Ozone Depletion

5/01 GEOG 210 Dr. Starr Ozone Layer Using two different sources of information while researching about ozone depletion provided me with two different types ... de source such as a current magazine helped to provide a broader spectrum of information. Using two sources helped to give supporting information from one source to the other. I feel I gained much mor ...

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Sex Education in Schools - author Edmond

d to reduce the cases of unplanned pregnancy .Teenagers perception of sex can be mislead by various sources of information like the media, magazines and other teenagers. Sex Education in schools are a ... teenagers are misguided or confused because of the topics that are briefly discussed or not covered.sources cited ...

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