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Compare how characters in T.Hardy's "The Withered Arm" and J. Steinbeck's "of Mice & Men" are isolated and alienated.

A south-east England setting, in the 1800's, is the short story, 'The Withered Arm' by T.Hardy. This s ... t novel as it links in with J.Steinbeck's, 'of Mice & Men'.Set on a ranch in North America, the southern states in the 1930s, the time of dissatisfaction, as each of the characters are labourers, ... r, to the exact spot where the story started. The town in which this novel is set is a real town in southern California, Soledad. The town Soledad, in Spanish symbolises loneliness.Rhoda Brook, a main ...

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Airport extension in the south east of England. Pros and Cons of building a new airport at Cliffe

ess or holidays. This resulted in increased pressure on existing airport capacity especially in the South East of England where demand is highest.There is already a capacity shortfall in the South Eas ... ourism Authority has claimed that 233,000 jobs will be lost if the capacity is not increased in the South East as visitors will be deterred to come to Britain because of overcrowded airports and const ...

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When did the Germans lose the 1939 -45 War

ut forward for discussion. In late May 1940 my unit which was due to go to France was redeployed in south-east England. The detachment all 10 of us were deployed near Bolney in Sussex just North of Br ... hannel? The Royal Air Force ? German intelligence services estimated that the fighters stationed in south-east England at about 200.Totally under estimated but they (The Germans) didn't know that. The ...

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e been main reason for famine in the Sudan. The physical factor: Long-term decline of rainfall in Southern Sudan. Increased Rainfall Variability Increase use of marginal land leading to degrading ... of drought in the UK (2004) The years 2004-06 were one of the driest periods on record in the UK. South East England is particularly vulnerable to drought because it has a high population density. T ...

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