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The stereotype of yoga is a young fit girl wearing a spandex body suite and twisting her flexible legs to a complex position (like a pretzel). But yoga i ...

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once did. He wont dare waste a thing not water nor air.He'll make smaller Thneeds combine them with spandex and fleece.He'll take the Truffula trunks and sell them to farms, that'll be on side. He'll ...

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to a green and peaceful future. They may not be made up of earth, fire, wind, water, and wear nifty spandex outfits, but they sure do have their hearts in the right places.Greenpeace has been creative ...

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"The Gaze" A look into the power of looking in advertisements

s an image which depicts the gaze very well. It is an ad for 'Nancy Ganz Body Slimmers', contouring spandex sleeves that can allow a woman to control the shapes of her body. The image depicts a young ...

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long morals

all own bikes now, riding across our chartered streetsWhilst strutting our stuff in our skin tight spandex shorts,We are aware we look like fools however,In our pixelated vision we are peddling for g ...

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