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Spain, England, France, German States, And Russian during the 1700s

Section 1: Spain- The Spanish Empire reached its height during the reign of Charles's son, Philip II, who became king in 1 ... Europe from the expanding Ottoman Empire. Philip's rule brought the beginning of the Golden Age of Spanish art, a time when writers and painters created some of Spain's greatest artistic works.- Alth ... England. In the 1560's, the Netherlands rebelled against Spain. In 1588, Philip II launched a great Spanish Armada of about 130 ships in an unsuccessful attempt to conquer England. English ships repel ...

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"Spanish American War Versus Operation Iraqi Freedom" This essay compares and contrasts certain areas of both wars that are coincidently similar to each other.

s to an early war that was also short in length but who's effects lingered on even until today. The Spanish-American War was the end of a brutal Spanish empire and the rise of a great super power nati ... word of dictatorship and cruelty. A similar event occurred about a hundred and ten years ago in the Spanish-American War when the people of Cuba rebelled against the Spanish's control over them. Ameri ...

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The Cosequences of the defeat of the Armada

Once the armada had been defeated only around ½ of the Spanish ships (65/130) made it back to Spain.And Over 20,000 Spanish Sailors and Soldiers were kille ... ated. In fact Spain defeated England at sea and on land in several battles in that decade after the Spanish Armada, Spain also kept an important influence over dealings in Europe and the Americas unti ... n after he Planned a new better more powerful armada similar to the English Ships. In the year 1595 Spanish ships landed in Cornwall but got burnt down.In the years 1596 and 1597 Other "Armadas" were ...

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US-Filipino Relations

perfect opportunity arose to exert this new ideal as the US declared war on Spain. Victory over the Spanish empire would entail an abundant source for oversea possessions and, more importantly, the US ... ory came during the summer of 1898 and by December, as a part of the Treaty of Paris that ended the Spanish-American war, the US was awarded for their 10 week victory with the Islands of Puerto Rico, ...

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Resilient Cultures.

They wanted to use them for their own ends and they often formed alliances and strategies with the Spanish expeditions. The reason for this is because they could clearly manipulate intruders for thei ... e reason for this is because they could clearly manipulate intruders for their own ends without the Spanish commanders understanding how they were being used.However the people that resisted Spanish a ...

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Americanization of Native Americans Education or Genocide

-127, Adams 1995: 12-13, Debo 1970: 40, Tigress, 2003).This paper will compare and contrast how the Spanish, French, and English cultures exploited the Native Americans. Education became their politic ... ted. The pace and extent of the natives' demise varied with the dominant culture, be it the French, Spanish or English. Nevertheless, the depopulation of approximate 95% of the native in North America ...

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Mexicans and their soical issues they face. Talk about their history, culture, family life, and social issues. Includes bibliography

The people of Mexico reflect the country's rich history. The Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire in the early 16th century soon led to widespread intermarriage ... tured distinct European and native populations, to one made up largely of mestizos, people of mixed Spanish and Native American descent. By the end of the 19th century, mestizos, who were discriminate ... By the end of the 19th century, mestizos, who were discriminated against during three centuries of Spanish colonization, had become the largest population group in Mexico. Mestizos now account for ab ...

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ELIZABETH I - Life and times, 450 years later

footing in the New World--until she had built up the Navy, to a point where she could confront the Spanish Empire with success.What were her successes? What did she achieve?The Europe of her day was ... end--an achievement that lives on today.A similar result was achieved by her refusal to accept the Spanish claim to monopoly of the New World and the Pacific. Spain forced the French out of Florida a ...

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Compare and contrast independence movements in North America and South America

he colonies in North America were much more oppressed and controlled by the British crown, than the Spanish colonies by the Spanish royalty. However, the colonies received more external help from the ... ially in colonies like Haiti. This resulted in much more uprisings and violence among the people in Spanish colonies. However in Brazil there was a lot less violence and struggle to achieve independen ...

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What were the chief causes of the Spanish Civil War?

democracy. In this essay I shall be looking at the events that slowly led up to the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and try to identify which were the chief causes.In the early 1900's, Spain was rul ... Spain was going through a time of unrest and the government was rather inefficient and corrupt. The Spanish-American War of the 1890's had created hard times, and due to this long period of decline, m ...

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European expansion in the 15th and 16th centuries

ed fleets and military tactics and naval technology led to Portugal becoming an overseas empire.The Spanish Empire soon followed along with the Portuguese, looking for a quicker route to the Indies fo ... route to the Indies for the spice trade. The Portuguese, sailed east through the Indian Ocean. The Spanish, while also trying to gain access to the Indies, decided to sail west across the Atlantic Oc ...

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Compare and Contrast Spanish and British Colonies

their countries rich. All the colonies were different but their goals remained the same.British and Spanish colonies both had the goal of bringing wealth to their respective countries. Spanish colonie ... ough, the countries wanted control over colonial affairs, they usually lost a lot of authority. The Spanish colonial society had a more organized government than the British. They used the government ...

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Blood, Poverty and Economic Dependency: Classical and Contemporary Colonization and Its Role in Hindering Third-World Autonomy

mple to illustrate this would be the languages spoken in these areas. They are primarily English or Spanish, all of which must have come with the colonization by the British and Spaniards - the wester ... excellent example to illustrate this gain, would be Spain. Between the years of 1501 and 1650, the Spanish registered 16,887 tons of silver and 1,813 tons of gold in their ports, all of which came fr ...

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t the Philippines might take her place among the proud nations of Europe. It will be a shame to the Spanish government that a colony like the Philippines will be at par with them, and perhaps be great ... who hamper the further growth of the Philippines. The things is, these government officials are not Spanish, they are Filipinos themselves, it would be more understandable if they are Spanish, but NO, ...

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Reasons for European Exploration to the Americas

d glory” stated and summarized the European’s motives for exploration. The Portuguese and Spanish empires were one of the first to start exploring the New World.The Portuguese exploration wa ... pe of Good Hope.Since the Portuguese set trading post and controlled the only trade route then, the Spanish set out to find their own trade route. Because the Portuguese controlled the eastward route, ...

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Spanish and English Colonization Compare and Contrast the Spanish and English motives for colonization.

The main Spanish motives for colonization were for Gold, God and Glory.Many European nations were beginning t ... the preeminent maritime most powerful seafaring nation in Europe and claim lands for Spain.When the Spanish first arrived in Central America, after planting their flag on the ground, their incentive t ... eir incentive to continue their quest began after hearing about legends of cities made of gold. The Spanish arrived at present day Mexico, defeated the Aztecs and continued to trek northwards in searc ...

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Hernán Cortés

During the late 15th century, the Spanish Empire was preparing itself. It was rapidly becoming the pinnacle of exploration, conquest, ... ould provide Cortés with a comprehensive understanding of the legal codes of Castile and the Spanish Empire that would eventually save his life.By this time, Cortés was starting to feel ... f the unification between the Aragón, Castile, León, and Navarre Kingdoms to form the Spanish Empire was spreading. These two prodigious events founded the Spanish Empire’s era of c ...

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French intervention in the battle of Yorktown. Summarize the course and conduct of the Revolutionary War after 1778, and describe the key role played by France in the final victory at Yorktown.

nce of the United States. Spain was not keen on encouraging similar anti-colonial rebellions in the Spanish Empire. Both countries had quietly provided assistance to the Americans since the beginning ... rrisoned in New York, Rhode Island, in Florida and Canada; other forces would attack the French and Spanish in the West Indies. To punish the Americans the King planned to destroy their coasting-trade ...

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House of Habsburg: Marriage and Religion as Tools for Political Eminence in Spain and Europe

Africa and much of Europe. The rapid territorial expansion that followed was the foundation of the Spanish Empire and The Habsburg family's power in Spain, Europe and abroad.A series of events led up ... e an important tool to maintain their territories and political influence. Charles I, leader of the Spanish Empire and heir to the Habsburg's territorial holdings in Europe, led the religious fight in ...

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New England Colonies

lack of religion impacted both the society and economy of the colony.Lastly, the example of the Spanish colony of Florida ended up as the opposite of Pennsylvania. The Franciscan priests of the Sp ... ally abused. This behavior incited uprisings and revolts and led to a hostile relationship with the Spanish. Because of their resentment towards the settlers, the natives also tried to deny the settle ...

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