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Speeding, the need for speed, and speeding tickets.

ause and EffectThe popular movie 'Top Gun' coined a phrase that reads 'I feel the need, the needfor speed.' Many drivers today would agree with that phrase. Speeding is one of themost common ways that ... ommon ways that people break the law. When people break the law there areunpleasant consequences. A speeding ticket is an effective form of discipline: payingfor a ticket, traffic school, and higher i ...

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Speeding Is A Dead End, personal experience

learned many lessons as a result of primarily making mistakes.My mother always told me to obey the speed limit because one day I will unexpectedlyhave to pay the price. Not only could I kill myself b ... ill otherinnocent people that could have been involved. Moreover, not only did I not complywith the speed limit, I did not obey my mother. Unfortunately, I learned my lesson onegloomy day when I got c ...

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Effects of street racing and efforts to deter the sub-culture

rnt rubber becomes apparent as you begin to max out each and every gear now doing almost double the speed limit. This is the rush that young and old alike look for in street racing. Some call it a hob ... thorities in San Diego have made an emergency ordinance which makes being a spectator at an illegal speed contest a misdemeanor, punishable by up to six months in jail and 1000$ fine. This has drastic ...

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"Futuristic Automobiles".

nsportation's 2002 statistics. 30% of these accidents are due to the failure of individuals to obey speed restrictions. Numerous attempts have been made through various avenues to dissuade drivers fro ... to dissuade drivers from speeding. However, the predicament still persists. An innovative system of speed control must be instituted. In 25 years this technique will be established. The new mechanism ...

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This essay is an essay that I had to write on something that infuriated me.

nally to school. I thought to myself that I would make it there with plenty of time to spare at the speed I was traveling, when suddenly I had to come to a screeching halt for a car had pulled out les ... ive feet ahead of me. I took the situation quite calmly and waited patiently for the car to quicken speed. After an entire two minutes of driving nearly twenty miles per hour below the speed limit I b ...

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Elaboration of No. 7 on the I Hate New Zealand Top Ten, as requrested by Yankee842

lls one day late, an extra 10% gets added on to the total bill.You get fined for going 1km over the speed limit ... I swear to god its true. The police have a certain quota they have to fill each day, ...

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3 functions of law.

is why we need to establish rules of conduct. The Highway Traffic Acts make a minimum driving age, speed limit, mandatory seat belts, these laws control problems because they make the roads safer for ...

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tive figures) are that there are standards that you need to keep. To explain this, there are posted speed limits on the road. You can go about five miles per hour above the speed limit, but if you don ... , but if you don't stay within the limits you get some sort of penalty. In the real world if we are speeding ahead of everyone with our own ideas we will be ticketed with the idea that we are out of p ...

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Roadrage Research paper

the saw-grass expressway when a black, dark tinted, two door truck began tailgating me. I began to speed up to avoid him getting closer. Granted the speed limit was sixty-five miles per hour and I sp ... the left lane move over and let them by. You may be "in the right" because you are traveling at the speed limit but you may also be putting yourself in danger by making drivers behind you angry. In ma ...

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Psychological Shadow, what is the psychological shadow and an experience

with a friend and play some basketball. I was on the freeway traveling at about five miles over the speed limit. I was in no particular rush. I went to check my blind spot to change lanes when I saw w ... round the cars in front of me. I then almost immediately jumped back on the brakes to return to the speed of the line and hopped right in to the space the line had provided."Alright" I thought with a ...

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Why Are They Really Here?

ll of us. It's a feeling of nervous helplessness. You quickly look down to see if you are going the speed limit. But it's to late, there's nothing you can do now you are at the mercy of the police. Th ...

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ving on I-20; there was traffic on the expressway. Some people were driving fast and others per the speed limit. I saw about five motorcycles through my rear view mirror driving very fast changing lan ... my rear view mirror driving very fast changing lanes carelessly. They passed my car at a very fast speed, two on my right side and three on the left side. After they passed my car I could not believe ...

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Bad Driving Habits is an exemplification essay about bad driving habits using the author as examples.

For example, if I am driving home from school and someone passes me even though I am going over the speed limit, I have to pass them, I have to be in the front of the pack of cars. This does not seem ... is, I get upset if someone passes me. Also, if I am heading down North A1A, whether I am going the speed limit or not, and someone decides to cut in front of me when I am less than a hundred yards fr ...

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Government issues- priortise upgrading the congested maroochy bridge,

ed motorway?If I were to say, "how long would it take me to drive 7 kilometres with a 100 kilometre speed limit?", what would your response be?Assuming that a motorist drove at top speed, using simple ...

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Goodman Brown Essay/ Bookreport

l was waiting for Goodman Brown, and came from Boston to Salem in 15 minutes. If you were going the speed limit going to Salem from Boston it would take around 45 minutes. "The clock of the old south ... n Brown is dreaming because of all the impossible that happened in one night. If you were going the speed limit from Boston to Salem, it would take around 45 minutes, but the deal says it took only 15 ...

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Should Laws be Stricter for Teenage Drivers?

will be more likely to be careless when driving. Teenagers these days often drive at an immoderate speed, often going over the speed limit. Many people argue that there are many bad adult drivers out ...

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Police Discretionary Behavior

For example: an officer witnesses a car driving down a street doing approximately 30 miles over the speed limit. The officer follows the car and it continues to go 30 miles over the speed limit. The o ... the road. The driver does so. The officer approaches the car and inquires as to why the driver was speeding. The senior citizen female driver explains that her husband, who is in the passenger seat, ...

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out legroom), and it runs well on small amounts of fuel. It doesn't go REALLY fast, but it goes the speed limit, which is all I need.I guess most males, pre-puberty, have a thing for trucks and van ... out legroom), and it runs well on small amounts of fuel. It doesn't go REALLY fast, but it goes the speed limit, which is all I need.I guess most males, pre-puberty, have a thing for trucks and van ...

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Me, Myself, And I

great up until the end. I was using my blinker, looking over my shoulder, and I never went over the speed limit. I was near the end of the test, almost at a complete stop with my blinker on I was read ...

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ike a million dollars in my new car, even though it was a used, it was new to me. I was driving the speed limit and sometimes I was driving slower than it was because I wanted people to see me in it. ... aw were bright lights! It was the minivan that we saw earlier blocking the road, and it was speeding right toward us! Everyone in the car was yelling and screaming because it was really scary ...

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