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A Brief Summary and History of Contraceptive Devices

have only minor side effects. There are five barrier methods/devices: male condoms, female condoms, sponges, diaphragms, and cervical caps. The male condom is the only contraceptive considered highly ... ber condom was made in the 19th century, and the female condom was invented in the early 1990s. Sea sponges dipped in lemon juice were precursors to the modern contraceptive sponges used today. Orient ...

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The Classification and Evolution of Sponges and Starfish.

The Classification and Evolution of Sponges and StarfishByAbstractFor the purpose of this research project the subjects shall be cushion ... nimals. They have a unique feeding system that lacks a mouth. They are filter feeders. The cells of sponges have small holes in the skin that are used to move water in and out of the organism. This is ... t times. The sponge releases large amounts of sperm into the water, which is then taken into female sponges of the same Species (Porifera, ...

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Practical Report on human sexual reproduction.

form is fission, occurring mostly in unicellular organisms. Simple multicellular organisms, such as sponges and coelenterates, reproduce by budding where a new individual arises as an outgrowth (bud) ...

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Oil Spills, one of main causes of enviromental pollution.

use tools like booms (floating oil barriers), skimmers (boats that skim oil off the water surface), sponges, chemicals to break down oil, washing oil off beaches with special hoses, vacuum trucks, and ...

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Immediacy and Affective Learning It is important to use a wide range of immediacy behaviors to positively influence the affective learning of every child.

e worry about what their teacher will be like this year. Their minds are open and willing to learn, sponges ready to soak up any and all information offered. The teacher is standing at the door greeti ...

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Hamlet was not insane. Learn about Hamlets destructive madness, and what he did.

d credible. Hamlet is able to make smart remarks to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, comparing then to sponges, When he (Claudius) needs what you have gleaned, it is but squeezing you and, sponge, you sh ...

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o the organism, and carbon dioxide diffuses out.In aquatic lower animals that are more complex than sponges, a circulating medium carries the respiratory gases from outer tissues to cells that are dis ...

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Phylum Poifera

eans "pore" and ferra means "to bear".So,the Poriferas are pore-bearing animals,commonly called the"sponges".HABITAT:All Poriferas are aquatic.Out of total 5000 species,150 species live in fresh water ... These animals are composed of many cells,however,there is no tissue organization and have no organs.Sponges lack symmetry.In most sponges,the body wall is formed of :(1)an outer layer,pinacoderm,made ...

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Designer magic sponges

y 2006 issue of Chemistry Review, I found a relatively interesting article entitled "Designer magic sponges". The author is Andrew Parsons who is a senior lecturer in the Department of Chemistry, Univ ... ainly discuss the role of chemistry in helping athletes recover at a faster pace through the use of sponges, sprays, tablets or injections. Besides that, this article also briefly touches on issue suc ...

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"Feminists' View On World War II Propaganda"

ake action. Reading is eating means that readers of propaganda absorb what they read; they are like sponges that absorb what is being fed to them. I agree with Radway's idea of "reading is not eating. ...

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The Reader

Coleridge felt the same way about some people and he even classified readers into four categories: sponges, sand glasses, strain bags, and mogul diamonds. A reader that is a "sponge" abs ...

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Tissue Development: Phylum Cnidaria

vel of organization of animals. They are radially symmetric and possess true tissues. However, like sponges, cnidarians have only two germ layers: ectoderm and endoderm. A middle layer, called mesogle ... and ponds.The evolutionary advances that the cnidarians demonstrate compared with the less complex sponges can be attributed to the development of true tissues. Cnidarians have specialized nerve, mus ...

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Is Constructivism the Best Philosophy for Education?

vels of understanding and internalization. Basically, they believe that students should not be like sponges just soaking what the teacher has taught but they should take responsibility for their learn ...

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The Subconscious Intrusion

ut in reality, they are some of the most dangerous. At a young age, children's minds are similar to sponges; they absorb everything in their world. This characteristic makes children an easy target fo ...

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