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The expanding field of sports sponsorship and relate it to growth in market share for multinational organisations

Executive SummaryThe reported increase in Sport Sponsorship can be attributed to various reasons such as professionalisation and globalisation of br ... ation of sport and its acceptance across national boundaries (Meenaghan & Shipley, 1999). Sport sponsorship has evolved from being viewed as a charitable donation to a crucial part of the marketin ... ing awareness and effecting sales for a new or existing entrant in the market (Shank, 2004). Sports sponsorship can extend from sponsoring a specific team, an athlete, a league or even an event.The qu ...

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Schools for Sale: School and Corporate Partnerships

e first place? If you haven't, then you're not alone. Most people never give the issue of corporate sponsorships within schools a second glance, little lone a second thought.I can already hear you say ... at's the question. "Is it really free?" Or is it just the tip of the iceberg.The idea of 'corporate sponsorship', in 'school advertising', 'corporate school partnership' or what ever name you want to ...

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Sponsorship in action sports - snowboarding

hat it is one of my biggest pleasures in life. In next pages, I am going to analyze various ways of sponsorships for snowboarders to get sponsored by famous world brands and progress in their sport ca ... rogress in their sport career. Sponsorship is often misrepresented as being an act of goodwill from sponsor to the sponsee. In fact, the most successful sponsorships are symbiotic relationships in whi ...

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