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Pantomime, one robots search for rhythm. a children's story parallel to Herman Hess' Sidhartha using original charaters and plot line.

You see, a mishap at the factory caused poorPantomime to be built without an important coordination sprocket.Without that metal piece, his danced moved appeared as if hehadn't had his joints oiled in ... e was jealous ofall of the other robots, and bitter that he was built without hisinner coordination sprocket. He decided he had to have words withthe factory owner."Mr. Factory owner, Sir?" beeped the ...

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ual can opener. A bicycle is an example of a compound machine. The pedals, brakes, handle bars, and sprocket systems are just some of the mechanisms on most bicycles. In this activity you will work in ... ound machine to accomplish an instructor-specified task.EquipmentVEX POE kit, including gears (sprockets), chains, belts, axles, and support piecesRope for pulley systems (masonry line works well ...

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