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Biological Sex and Gender

otein called TDF. This presence reciprocally relies upon whether or not the embryo has an activated SRY gene. If the developing embryo inherited a Y chromosome from his father, then the SRY gene is us ... the male trajectory. This is primarily the accustomed pattern of development for XY embryos. If the SRY gene is absent in the embryo's chromosomal makeup, then it will continue its development and dif ...

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Determining a childs sex

a male. Nonetheless, it is possible for an XY to become female. If the Y chromosome is missing the SRY gene, which is located near the end of the short arm of the chromosome, the egg will develop int ... Y chromosome is present in the embryo's cells, a gene within the short arm of the chromosome called SRY will turn on, initiating a chemical chain reaction that will turn on other genes and stimulate t ...

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