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relevance of stakeholder analysis to society

"Stakeholder" is a term bandied about by professors, intellectuals, and others who subscribe to the n ... pularity of this concept over the past 35 years has created a void in analytical thought. The term "stakeholder" springs up in everything from community meetings and websites to employee meetings and ... employee meetings and annual reports. It is surprising to see how many CEOs extol the importance of stakeholders, since by subscribing to stakeholder theory as a means of corporate governance, they se ...

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Stakeholder Analysis (A case study of Pamol Nigeria Ltd)

INTRODUCTIONStakeholder concept is derived from general system theory that all living organisms system) interact ... between their companies and the rest of the world.William N. Dunn (1994:p.85) clarifies that policy stakeholders are individual or group who have a stake in a policy because they affect or are affecte ... use they affect or are affected by government decisions. Frederick and et. al. (1992:p.7-8) defines stakeholders in term of business management as a group or groups "affected by corporation's decision ...

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Society in relation to Stakeholder Theory

ng motive as the sole means of fulfilling 'social responsibilities' has been countered by Freeman's stakeholder approach. This new rationale advocates that all stakeholders have equal stake that decis ... e advocates that all stakeholders have equal stake that decision makers have to consider. Freeman's stakeholder approach argues that the classical Friedmanite view violates Kant's categorical imperati ...

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Company Shutdown

ingcould have been handled differently. The author will discuss the terms of the close, theaffected stakeholders and how their interests will be considered, who is responsible forrelaying the informat ... notice would you give, and what benefits would you provide?2. Describe all of the affected stakeholders and how their interests will be considered?3. Who do you propose should take pr ...

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Is Business Bluffing Ethical?

going to use Mill's Utilitarianism, and Kant's ethical theory to support Carr. I will also use the stakeholder theory to view business bluffing.Since bluffing is often mistaken for cheating, the diff ... luffing can pass the test of universality.Viewing business bluffing through the two versions of the stakeholder theory yields two results. The narrow version would view bluffing as not being immoral, ...

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Is Issue 1 Ok?

hareholder" theory of maximizing profits has been replaced with a newer, bolder theory known as the stakeholder theory. Now these may not sound different, but in retrospect are complete opposites. The ... share, or stockholders and work as hard as possible to make the highest profit. On the other hand, stakeholders are all people affected by a corporation: the shareholders, employees, customers, suppl ...

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Shareholder Concept versus Stakeholder Concept: The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Profit maximization

ness ethics and professional code of conduct42.1.2.Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)62.1.3. The Stakeholder theory:82.2. Profit Maximization102.2.1.Profit maximization: a technical and behavioural ... tionship142.3.1. The impact of business ethics and CSR on profit maximization142.3.2. The impact of stakeholder interests satisfaction on shareholder satisfaction162.3.3. Integrating business ethics i ...

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Fast Food industry in New Zealand

tion �32. Discussion: �32.1 Relevant aspects of the business environment �42.2 Stakeholder interests �52.3 Ethical business decision making �73. Conclusion �7 ... Jr are truly the targeting the lower socio-economic. We will employ the use of ethical theories and stakeholder analysis, to help us analyse the issue and provide a better solution for Carl's Jr and t ...

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