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Is standardized testing a good idea? The lack of equality in today's school systems often decide a student's future. Is a standardized test the measure of a student?

Standardized Testing: Good or Bad?The current trend of "high stakes" standardized testing can be bot ... e students who take them. One might want topose the following question: should so much be riding on standardized testing and arethese tests accurate indicators of a school and/or a student's performan ... at least a century.Immigrants coming to this country in the beginning of the 20th century were givenstandardized tests and could be refused entry to this country based on the results. Tests inpublic s ...

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Futility of Standerdized Tests By JumboMoos Presents arguments against the use of standerdized tests and alternative assessments

Standardized TestingAs a sophomore in high school, I have endured years of 'standardized tests.' If ... (meaning richer) schools. My performance on these tests, has at most, been facile. If we are using standardized tests as the sole factor in determining a student's status or success in life, then our ... hors believed that these tests measured an untrained, "natural intelligence" in children. Obviously standardized tests make a farce of our educational system.In 1916, with the help of Lewis Terman at ...

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Standardized Tests.

American students are the most tested kids in the world, taking standardized tests every year. Most states measure school's performance by now using standardized te ... by now using standardized tests. As the use of tests increases, so do the protests over how to use standardized testing. The use of these tests is not new to education, however the importance on thes ... res so that their children attend these schools.Regardless of where teachers' stand on the issue of standardized tests, they all agree that they are a useful tool in accessing students even if it is o ...

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Empowered Education, Democracy in the Classroom. Do principles of democracy enhance success in the classroom or not? Yes, Also democracy is defined.

ools in the U.S. have been decidedly undemocratic in nature and spirit." The state has now mandated standardized testing plans, curriculum frameworks for reading and language arts, testing programs fo ... cher and material that is taught, and a necessity to take a step away form centralized teaching and standardized testing.A democracy can be defined as a government by the people, exercised either dire ...

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"Jaime Escalante: Sensational Teacher" by Ann Byers.

so far as a teacher and pre-service student. The book deals with the very timely issues of equity, standardized testing, funding shortages and the challenges of the inner city school environment.When ...

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Funds for the Imagination Deals with supporting more funding for the arts in the public school system.

, history and science. School officials believe that students must prepare and become accustomed to standardized testing to prepare them for higher education and their future. "History is basic, and a ... ts who participate in art programs apply acquired thinking skills learned through art, to exceed in standardized testing as well as many other subjects in school, and life practices in general. Public ...

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This is an essay on how to improve education in my opinion.

ronments (Bhatt 2). To improve education, class population needs to reduce in size, the emphasis on standardized testing must be lowered, and traditional teaching strategies must change.Currently, stu ... ehn, and others like her, feel they cannot get much accomplished with such large class sizes. Also, standardized testing is so overly emphasized in schools that it affects the way teachers perform. "M ...

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Public School vs. Private School By: Tan Ly

ities. They each have set up rules hoping to keep it a positive learning environment. They both use standardized testing as a tool to evaluate the progress of their students. They can also access the ...

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He Started It!

ex education program. Another inequality in the school system between boys and girls is the lack of standardized testing and general education geared towards females. Though I do not argue that inequa ... takes testing. Although girls may receive better grades in class they still receive lower grades on standardized testing and high-stakes tests (7). The argument of this being a problem based on gender ...

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Fill the Cup of Silence: This is a problem/solution paper concerning music education

ativity, for ideas and emotions that only music can express." (William Clinton)It is no secret that standardized testing scores of students of all ages have seen a decline in recent times. However, sc ...

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Standards of Learning

Standardized testing is widely used throughout the United States; in Virginia we have the Standards ... han your knowledge, and too much emphasis is being put on the test.According to Crighton, "the term standardized testing was used to refer to a certain type of multiple-choice test that could be machi ... sentially eliminated" (Linn 7). One way that that the SOLs are limiting is in the way that they are standardized, "the possibility that creative or original thinkers might be penalized" (Linn 7).One w ...

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This is a case study for my organizational ethics class

Study # 2 For my case I have decided to pick a topic that really interest me. That would be standardized testing in schools. I am hoping to graduate this May with a bachelor's degree in human ... , therefore this topic will play a role in my life and career. Many people may not be familiar with standardized testing. I, myself went through many years of standardized testing. Before I came to th ...

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Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is nothing new to me. As a student in Kentucky, I have taken many of these type ... series of tests, that up until a few years ago, I thought were useless. Now however, I realize that standardized testing not only provides an effective way to determine student strengths and weaknesse ... l thinking skills necessary to succeed in the "real world". As a prospective teacher, I plan to use standardized testing as a way to evaluate student performance.Standardized testing in the classroom ...

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Cheating in schools

to teach what they feel the students should learn instead of what the students need to know to pass standardized testing.The few students that take the time to study and get prepared are continually f ... own work. So why is it different? When the parents were in school they weren’t taught to pass standardized tests. Their teachers taught them so they could learn and understand the topics, not so ...

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Who Are We Testing?

Who Are We Testing? For many years, schools have been required to give their students standardized tests.Elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools have their own specified tes ... the students, the quizzes end up causing more trouble then perseverance.The first reason I believe standardized testing isn't a valid tool for an individual or school is because the grades become the ... ould profit off of this money, making every school better educated overall.Another reason I believe standardized testing is a waste of time is because the format of the tests don't correlate to the as ...

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Disparate Impact Case Study

VII of the Act intended to achieve equality of employment opportunities, the Court held that Duke's standardized testing requirement prevented a disproportionate number of African-American employees f ...

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Performance-Based Assessment

d on observation of the student behavior or the inspection of students products. On the other hand, standardized testing is a written form test, which measures the temporary understanding of facts and ... a written form test, which measures the temporary understanding of facts and skills. As a result of standardized testing outcomes being temporary, the genuine of this testing type is obsolete. Hence, ...

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Government Taking Us Over

, I disagree with the writer. Not all the facts are given in the ?No Child Left Behind? phrase. The standardized testing process should hold educators responsible for their job. According to the ?Home ...

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Standardized Tests and Blacks

While standardized tests are designed to determine a level of cognition, a greater portion of African Amer ... students concerning education.The implication that this topic makes is it deliberates on the affect standardized tests has on African Americans. This is an important subject that is not worth debating ... ted. It is bias in a way in which it diminished the account for more Blacks being able to withstand standardized testing requirements. Therefore, it decreases the amount of Blacks successfully passing ...

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