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The Constitution of the USA

people in order to make a more perfect union. Each purpose of the preamble had a special meaning to statesmen in seventeen eighty nine. The purpose was one, to form a more perfect union of people livi ...

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Treaty of Versailles after World War One

t the Peace Conference of Paris.The peace conference was dominated by the conflicting aims of three statesmen:David Lloyd George the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Lloyd George could see the ec ...

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Hinduism; a basic overview of this eastern religion and philosophy.

) French writer:From the beginning of her history, India has adored and idealized, not soldiers and statesmen, not men of science and leaders of industry, not even poets and philosophers, who influenc ...

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How justified are hostile criticisms of the Versailles Treaty?

ions, which in the years to come were to cripple the newly founded Weimar Republic. Many countries, statesmen and certainly not least the population of Germany criticised the agreement for it's unfair ... mption of "war guilt" made for a distinct anti-Versailles sentiment in the Weimar Republic. But the statesmen involved could not have realised the mistakes they were making. The very different and far ...

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"Renaissance Education" Its about the differences in education during the renaissance.

interests in education. It became an unwritten standard in society that upper class people, rulers, statesmen and even women be educated. What an individual should be educated in depended on their sex ...

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This is a three page report on John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK), who won the 1960 United States presidential election against Nixon.

where he majored in government and international relationships. After interviewing politicians and statesmen cross country for one summer, he returned to school and developed what eventually became a ...

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Alexander the Great

itectural monuments, four of the greatest dramatic actors who ever lived, one of the most brilliant statesmen and two of the greatest historians. Scientists, philosophers and artists all thrived in th ...

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The brandt report

ational development issues.? Brandt accepted this assignment. He assembled a group of international statesmen and leaders to take a close look at the failure of the global economy and the problems pla ...

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Benjamin Franklin By: Tan Ly

1783), and the newly formed federal government that followed, rank him among the country's greatest statesmen.Franklin was born on January 17, 1706, in Boston. His father, Josiah Franklin, a tallow ch ... ngregational clergyman. When he acquired a copy of the third volume of the Spectator by the British statesmen and essayists Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison, he set himself the goal of mastering ...

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Robber Baron or Industrial statesmen To what extent is it justified to characterize the industrial leaders of the 1865- 1900 era as either "robber barons" or "industrial statesmen"?

es were the leading topic of discussion, whether to classify them as "robber barons" or "industrial statesmen".Glancing at the achievements of these great figures in history it appears that not only w ...

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Robber Barons or Industrial Statesmen?

Late nineteenth century industrial leaders have been called "industrial statesmen" for the great economic power they helped America become. They have also been called "robb ... to satisfy their own needs. These "kings" off industry displayed characteristics of both industrial statesmen and robber barons. It is therefore justified to characterize the industrial leaders of the ... efore justified to characterize the industrial leaders of the nineteenth century as both industrial statesmen and robber barons.Because they used vicious tactics to destroy competition and created mon ...

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Artillery in World War I

st as they have justified imperial conquest. Science and technology served as the interests of war. Statesmen and generals were sure that modern weapons would prevent a long war. Superiority in armed ... y to drop back. The significance of Marne lay in the severe miscalculations of military leaders and statesmen on both sides, who expected a different kind of war. They did not understand the demands t ...

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A Continental Congress

ablest and wealthiest men in America"; Chatham pronounced it to be "the most honourable Assembly of Statesmen since those of the ancient Greeks and Romans, in the most virtuous Times".John Adams calcu ...

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The European Union extended

and to build a lasting peace between former enemies. Between 1945 and 1950, a handful of courageous statesmen including Konrad Adenauer, Winston Churchill, Alcide de Gasperi and Robert Schuman set abo ...

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In the late nineteenth century, a select few Americans separated themselves from the rest by fulfilling the American Dream.

rize the industrial leaders of the late nineteenth century as either "robber barons" or "industrial statesmen" because of their harsh business practices, philanthropic efforts, and opinion of the gene ... ister, the founder and first president of Temple University, and a lecturer pleaded the "industrial statesmen" label for most of the industrial rich. (D. #E) He went as far as to say, "ninety-eight ou ...

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Plato's Education.

efore if I were to open a school, perhaps the change of government would happen gradually, as young statesmen are educated in a way needed for politics. Education would need to be based on morals, vir ...

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Italian Unification - Notes on who the real father of the Italian Unification was.

Who was the real father of the Italian nation?Thesis: It would be arduous to imagine statesmen other than Giuseppe Garibaldi and Count Camillio di Cavour, as contributors to the Italian ...

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The impact of Julius Caesar's reign on the people of Rome.

Julius Caesar is perhaps one of the most famous Roman generals and statesmen throughout history; now a household name. He was in government between the formation of th ...

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Hall of Fame: 'Lift Me Up'

ects, inventors, military leaders, judges, theologians, philanthropists, humanitarians, scientists, statesmen, artists, musicians, actors, and explorers. I truly believe that it is incredible. I have ...

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The frequently used practice in advertising: Making the customer feel like they are the person in ad is effective

as ageless as the actresses in the ads. Ads for health care products which employ retired actors or statesmen tend to win more trust from the consumers than the ones acted by common people. Automobile ...

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