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"High Speed Rail to the Future?"

ort. You could travel by automobile, but that would mean eight hours of time spent sitting behind a steering wheel staring at miles and miles of asphalt. You could choose a more scenic route and "ride ...

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The title is "No More Tears". It is a prologue to a book regarding domestic violence that I intend writing. It is a true account.

tune that seemed to keep the beat with rain hitting the windscreen. She sat, fingers tapping on the steering wheel, waiting for the turning traffic to stop and the green arrow to signal it was her tur ...

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Lost (Personal Descriptive/Narrative Essay)

car. I accelerated over a small bridge, fighting to keep up. My hands were clenched tightly on the steering wheel, my knuckles were white. Sitting on the edge of the worn, leather seat, I squinted my ... jerked the wheel. Crash! My car came to an abrupt stop, punctuated by my head smacking against the steering wheel. I watched as the car I had been following continued driving, leaving me all alone.I ...

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Time To Drive

th and I am standing behind the wheel of a car. I try sitting down, but then I can not see over the steering wheel. I decide the pedals are also out of my reach sitting down or standing up. When it st ...

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Elderly driving

en all of the sudden a gigantic Buick, piloted by a little gray haired head barely peaking over the steering wheel, pulls out in front of you, causing you to slam on your brakes, honk your horn, and s ...

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The car was a mess

ach door. The doors were so rusty on the inside. The car lookedlike it had been though the war. The steering wheel was missing, all there wasleft was a piece of metal rod. The ignition was out; you ha ...

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Human Factors & Risk Homeostasis Involved in the Design of an Automobile

s firmly planted on the brake pedal, ABS will pump the brakes so that the driver can concentrate on steering to safety. This process is controlled by computers and happens at a very rapid pace.Activat ... ediately. Without ABS, a rapid, hard brake application could cause wheel lockup and loss of vehicle steering control, if the driver does not pump the brakes correctly or limit the brake pedal force to ...

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Four wheeler

osed my eyes. Screams and yelps from the backseat pierced my ears. My mind went blank and I hit the steering wheel. Black flashed through my mind. Swirling in and out of reality, I had no clue what wa ...

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Speech On Why Not To Speed

dy is now off the seat torso upright, broken knees pressed against the dash. The steel frame of the steering wheel begins to bend beneath your death grip. 4/10ths of a second: the cars front 24 inches ... till traveling at 35 mph - a city speed limit. 5/10ths of a second: your fear frozen hands send the steering column into almost vertical position. Jagged steel punctures your lungs and arteries. Blood ...

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American As A Second Language

t's confusing? Imagine my surprise when getting into a car for the first time, and finding that the steering wheel was not where it should have been, the gear lever was on the wrong side, but oh relie ... if they were on the wrong side of the car. My second lesson in American cars was learned here, the steering wheel and all the driving gear is on the opposite side to that of Australian cars.On master ...

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Go Faster!

r until the pedal was locked to a dead stop. My hands firmly clawing to the progressively vibrating steering wheel, my eyeballs constantly and vigilantly swung back and forth like a pendulum searching ... speeding right behind him or did I get away with it? Suppressing my nervousness, I calmly continued steering ahead. He changed lanes; I panicked. He was right behind me. For the next 30 seconds, my he ...

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rth. The purring engine is keeping rhythm in time with her pain. Her forehead is lying heavy on the steering wheel and every tear she sets free slides down and glides around the sleek black leather ci ...

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e visit to the park. The Jeeps ride automatically through the park and you have no control over the steering wheel. When they are in the bit where the T-rex is staying the Jeeps suddenly stop.This is ...

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English composition driving

without moving. Look! In front of you, an empty highway, you are facing your future. Four wheels, a steering wheel, a shape made to pierce the air. Cars are all made of the same elements but incarn va ... like nowhere else. Everything here is designed for you, the gages are in your field of vision, the steering wheel has a good grip and the gearbox meets perfectly with your hand. Close your eyes, rela ...

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Air bag safety for the prevention of injury and d

pants as they move forward in a front-end crash, keeping the head, neck, and chest from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard. In order to perform well, air bags deploy quickly and forcefully, with ... r positioned, or even unrestrained. A few had medical conditions that caused them to slump over the steering wheel immediately before the crash, making their bodies positioned too close to the air bag ...

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Why Ride The Bus?

omewhat different from those previous. Such occurrences may be the new driver handling the gigantic steering wheel, the blind man with the seeing-eye dog, the student carelessly jotting down last atte ... hecking your mirrors, turning on your blinkers, or in other words driving. Instead of gripping that steering wheel, one might decide to catch up on the latest novel. If they're not a reading person wh ...

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Compare SUVs : Pontiac Aztec vs. Ford Escape

the grocery store. As I drove, I noted a few similarities, aside from the obvious four wheels and a steering wheel. These two vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes and both are four-wheel drive. ... sion, for those long boring trips. The radio controls for the Aztek are conveniently located on the steering wheel; making it much easier to change channels, switch compact disks or raise and lower th ...

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Safety Features of Cars

causes serious injury, and often death to the passengers, because they will collide with the dash, steering wheel, door/windows and roof, or even exit the vehicle through the windshield, depending on ... ing positions, this can cause serious neck injury or even in some cases a facial collision with the steering wheel or the window. The airbag is most commonly located in the centre of the steering whee ...

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Sacred - creative writing short story

her cheeks were graced with the presence of salty water coming from her green eyes. She gripped the steering wheel even tighter, if she was made out of stronger material she could leave marks in the b ... ht. It was not a good idea to down half of the vodka in the bottle either, but her thoughts weren't steering in that direction. Instead, her thoughts swerved around the events of the past couple of ho ...

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Ardi Rezai

looking so much satisfy like he is doing a wonderful job but unfortunately he is sitting on to his steering wheel truck and taking a deep breath which looks like a parody of lorry driver of middle ag ...

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