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Flamenco Dancing

d emotions and the flamenco way of life. It was never intended to be a technical art performed with stoic precision yet without duende (a passion/feeling for flamenco). The main components and styles ...

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Existentialist Darwism and Neo-isolationist Rejection in Camus' "The Stranger"

ency to choose, andthereby exist, without computing objective standards or universal sentiment. His stoic, de factoexistentialism is a catalyst for endless conflict between his rationalization- and lo ...

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Christocentric Panthiesm? Aquinas and Epictetus: Discussions on the Nature of God

the context of divine authority. The first is a pantheistic view of ethics espoused by Epictetus, a stoic of the first century. To Epictetus, God was a rational principle immanent in the universe func ... erse functioning as a vital force that creates and governs all things in the universe.*(44) But the stoic continues his explanation of God describing him as a cosmic intelligence which interacts with ...

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The Samurais, The ultimate Stoics

The Samurais, The Ultimate StoicsFor seven centuries, the Samurai were Japan's warrior class. As a class of warriors and knight ... was one of freedom from fear(WorldSurfari-www), and for these reasons, The Samurai werethe ultimate stoic warriors.The word samurai was derived from the Japanese wordfor service, saburau(Grolier Elect ... xpand their rights to more land. The Samurai wouldtranscend their fear of death, this made them the stoicwarriors that they were.As experts in fighting on horseback as well as onthe ground they wore t ...

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A Brief Comparison of the Northern and Southern Tribal Traditions of the prehistoric US region

rs of creation, and they shared the same deep knowledge of life.The northern tribes were fierce and stoic hunters. Because of their dependance upon animals for food, clothing, weaponry, and shelter, t ...

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The Philosophical position of Atticus Finch in "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do." This quotation by Epictetus, a great Stoic of his time, describes Atticus Finch's reasoning during the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Har ... is methods. This philosophical basis of the relationship between Atticus and his children is one of stoicism.At this point, stoicism may be a foreign word. It is a part of philosophy, which is the lov ...

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Apathy opposed to morality.

"L'indifférence est le grand sommeil de l'âme."*The term 'Stoicism' derives from the Greek word 'stoa,' meaning portico. A portico, or colonnade according to ... here existed the 'Stoa Poekile' (painted porch), a portico near the Agora. This was where the first Stoics came to hear their master teach, and hence this was how they obtained their title as 'Stoics' ... ent school of Greek philosophy. Inaugurated by Zenos of Citium (334-262 BC) a little before 330 BC, Stoicism, along with Epicureanism, ushered in the new Hellenistic era in philosophy and was said to ...

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This article describes the triumphs that former Roman emperor Marcus Aurelus encountered; throughout his reign in power.

atic philosopher, but in his meditations, a series of notes to himself, he formulated his pantheist Stoic beliefs with a passionate religious conviction.He shared the basic Stoic belief in the divinit ... to the trials of everyday life.With hindsight Marcus' greatest omission was that he did not impose Stoicism as the imperial religion, with as much rigour as Theodosius later imposed Christianity. Had ...

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The Life & Works of Marcus Tullius Cicero

ich he applied himself with the assistance of Molo, the ablest rhetorician of the day. Diodotus the Stoic also exercised him in the argumentative subtleties for which the disciples of Zeno were known. ... es of Antiochus, who, under the name of an Academic, taught the dogmatic doctrines of Plato and the Stoics. Though Cicero at first evinced considerable dislike, for his philosophical views, be seems a ...

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The Concept of the Happy Life; A Comparison in Epicurean and Stoic Philosophies

erous philosophers and their philosophies. Among those that have attempted this explanation are the Stoics, who were founded by Zeno, and Epicureans, established by Epicurus. Both agree that indulging ... of life is to achieve tranquility of the soul, which is very similar to the condition of apathy the Stoics believed was ideal (Matson, 195). Though they existed concurrently, the similarities between ...

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Philosophy and old age

ke up a complete puzzle.It is Socrates who said, "the unexamined life is not worth living," and the Stoics' point of view is the natural human life cycle must be accepted and lived out in full self-po ... atural human life cycle must be accepted and lived out in full self-possession. By looking from the Stoic point of view it is over the course of the life stages that one examines their life, which ach ...

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Animals-Sometimes That is What We Are

ose he had greeted seemed to recoil after he bid his farewells. Each new person he approached stood stoic as he said hello, and closed their eyes when he offered formalities. Yet, no one said or did a ... he buildings went out. Shadows caressed any person still on the streets. Horses and carriages stood stoic at the roads' edges as if to weigh down the serpentine streets, keeping them to their task of ...

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Julius Ceasar

e tragic hero is clearly Brutus who seals his own fate through his character flaw, which is being a stoic. Conflicts are present in great numbers throughout this story both internally and externally. ... eir ultimate downfall from a high place in society. Brutus' character flaw is the very fact he is a stoic or he believes in what people are and say. He lives in an idealistic world. A modern example w ...

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An essay on the Representation of Virtue in Pamela and in one Literary Response to Pamela:

with. Pamela on the other hand is presented as someone who lives by the book, an unimaginative and stoic rule-follower, who still maintains the traditional role of the female: the keeper of morals th ... d that honesty is one aspect of virtue, and is one aspect that Pamela denies herself because of her stoic ideals. Is Pamela being honest to herself, or is there a latent desire brewing beneath the sur ...

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Review of the movie, "Shawshank Redemption".

king in the warden's office and building a library for the rest of the prison. But Andy's seemingly stoic acceptance of his unjust imprisonment hides a fierce determination for freedom, especially aft ...

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Philosophy of the Past and A Good Time in the Present

e different forms of thought being presented, the first of which was Epicureanism and the other was Stoicism. These were the two forms presented in reading that we are to write about.For all intensive ... control. The quicker a person could accept his role the happier and easier his life would be.As for Stoicism, there were multiple forms and transformations of Stoicism that were discussed in the readi ...

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"The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven" by Sherman Alexie and "Smoke Signals"

it mean to be an Indian? First of all you have to be a warrior and to look like a warrior, to look "stoic", secondly you have to be connected with Mother Earth by understanding the sound of nature and ... he knows about Indians by watching "Dances with wolves" and advises him to spend more time looking "stoic". In order to be an Indian he says that he should look mean, like a warrior, to leave his hair ...

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Socrates And Abelard

Abelard and the Stoic influence The work of the Christian philosopherPeter Abelard in the early 1100's is starkly in ... rk of the Christian philosopherPeter Abelard in the early 1100's is starkly influenced by the first Stoic movements ideas. His ideas on personal consciousness are the same in many respects although de ... n many respects although dealing with varied subjects. Although it is doubtful as to whether or not stoicism is directly responsible for Abelard's book on Ethics many of the same concepts are explored ...

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luenced us. One of the most influential, even today, as its influences in Christianity show us, was Stoicism. Founded by Zeno of Citium, and later developed into a systematic body of doctrine, complet ... to a systematic body of doctrine, complete with a system of logic, epistemology, and cosmology, the Stoics were convinced that the universe lends itself to rational thought and explanation, and is a s ...

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My Defining First Experience

ns against President Suerlo's regime. My mother's emotion was a startling contrast to my father's stoic exhaustion. I was devastated by her repetitive cries, "it is gone.... all gone... all we have ...

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