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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures When Storm Warnings are in EffectThe following warnings will be issued prior to a Hurricane. Members of s ... ; bridges destroyed; railway lines flooded or washed away; contamination of drinking water supplies.Storm Surges - Heavy seas, storm waves and storm surge can cause extensive damage and completely des ...

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Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was the eleventh named tropical storm, fourth hurricane, third major hurricane, and first Category 5 hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic ... nd first Category 5 hurricane of the 2005 Atlantic hurricane season. It was the third most powerful storm of the season, behind Hurricane Wilma and Hurricane Rita, and the sixth-strongest storm ever r ... then again on August 29 along the Central Gulf Coast near Buras-Triumph, Louisiana as a Category 4 storm. Its storm surge soon breached the levee system that protected New Orleans from Lake Pontchart ...

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System Failure: Abandoning New Orleans - essay about whether or not it is worth it to rebuild New Orleans after the hurricane katrina.

r hit the United States, slammed into the city of New Orleans, on August 29, 2005. Katrina's deadly storm surge damaged the city's levees, the only thing that protected the city from flooding. The aft ... y abandoning the city.In conclusion, New Orleans took a huge hit from Hurricane Katrina. Her deadly storm surge damaged the city's levees, the only thing that protected the city from flooding. I feel ...

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Hurricane Andrew

es is averaged to be near 25 billion, making Andrew the most expensive hurricane in US history. The storm struck southern Dade County, Florida, the hardest with violent winds and storm surge on the le ... idday on the 17th at 12:00 p.m. the depression grew stronger and became the first Atlantic tropical storm of the 1992 hurricane season. The tropical storm moved quickly on a direction which turned fro ...

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Hurricane floyd

A hurricane is easily the most powerful storm that mother-nature can throw at us. Every year people who live on the coasts fight hurricanes ... that takes millions of dollars to repair. Even if the hurricane doesn't cause a lot of damage, the storm surge will. Storm surge is the great tidal waves that crash into our coasts and make huge floo ... ssion occurs when winds are up to 31 mph. Then tropical depressions can be upgraded into a tropical storm if the winds reach speeds of 74 mph or less. Then finally a the storm can be bumped up into a ...

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Hurricanes A hurricane is one of the most severe storms areas in our country have to endure. They can easily damage millions of dollars of property a ... turning toward the southeast.Hurricanes are characterized by strong winds and pouring rain. Thunderstorms and waterspouts appear in the storm's cloud system. All hurricanes contain an eye. The eye of ... hurricanes contain an eye. The eye of a hurricane is a low pressure, calm area in the middle of the storm. The air in the eye is sinking and this causes there to be no rain in this area and little win ...

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An essay on tropical cyclones

en recorded),torrential rain (1800 millimetres in 24 hours havebeen recorded) and very rough seas.A storm surge can occur when a tropicalcyclone approaches or crosses a coastline. Thevery low atmosphe ...

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What causes flooding?

almost anywhere where there is a relatively short intense burst of rainfall such as during a thunderstorm. During these events the capacity of the drainage system has insufficient time to cope with th ... ecessarily need to be caused by heavy rainfall. In coastal areas, inundation may occur because of a storm surge, tsunami, or a high tide coinciding with higher than normal river levels. Storm surges a ...

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HURRICANES, STORM SURGES AND FLOODS 1 Hurricanes, Storms Surges and FloodsCOMM 215Hurricanes, Storm Surges and F ... es and FloodsAccording to "National Hurricane Center" (2014), outreach history reports, hurricanes, storm surges and floods along the gulf coast are often the greatest threat to life and property. Hur ... ined as a tropical cyclone with sustained winds that have reached speeds of 74 mph or higher. These storms reach the status of hurricane only after strengthening over a period of days or even weeks.Th ...

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