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Summary of Article Outline and Evaluation of Major Issues. Explanation of Accounting Terms and Data. Relevance and Limitations of Accounting.

n newspaper and magazine articles. Scan the articles in the Business times or business pages of the Straits times or any business magazine (Far Eastern Economic Review, Business Review Weekly, Fortune ... ll. Today, Hot News.Lee, S. S. (2003, March 18). NatSteel Shares Close at Record High of $2.40. The Straits Times, Money.AppendixLee, S. S. (2003, March 18). NatSteel Shares Close at Record High of $2 ...

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"The Internet as an educational tool is highly overrated." Do you agree?

rnet to set up news websites with paid subscriptions for fear of losing their existing readers. The Straits Times in Singapore is an example of a newspaper that has created a website that can only be ...

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Sociological Paper on Singapore's Education System

opment Review , pp. 85-112.Leong, S. (2010, April 3). Scoring high in grades but not in values. the Straits Times .Leow, S. W. (2011, July 27). Nuture in students a love for art and culture: Minister. ... ionCurrent.pdfPanel looking at how many varsity grads S'pore can support. (2011, September 16). the Straits Times , p. B6.Shantakumar, G. (1992, June). Student loans for higher education in Singapore: ...

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Core Math Investigation

cal Article ==================== Title of Article: Birth rate falls in developing world Source: The Straits Times Date of Publish: 28 Jan 2005 Summary: This article is basically about birth rates, and ...

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especially crucial for the clan as out of the 700 members, 65% of them are aged 60 and above. (The Straits Times, 2013) This could potentially threaten the sustainability of the clan if it fails to a ... members and to promote greater appreciation of Chinese culture and traditions among the young (The Straits Times, 2013). This is especially true today because many youths remain uninterested in clan ...

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