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Its an essay about the NANA´s from Artist Niki de St. Phalle, which are placed in Hannover, Germany.

he city beside the Leine. Knowing this, the city department tried to work against this image with a street-art programm. In 1974 they bought three "Nanas"(huge, colorfull and big breasted statues) fro ... k and third parties were still searching for disadvantages, as other people were already out on the street to demonstrate . The unacceptable attitude of the public made it much more difficult for Hann ...

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public displays of Affection essay

of the world. Colours that are used in public displays, in other wordsgraffiti inspires many young street artists to overcome their fear and be spontaneous withtheir public views. I have chosen this ... ons through individuals. As being a young youth myself, I havebegun my research by taking photos of street art in London and explored different coloursand shapes. Whilst taking photos of public displa ...

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