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Gilden age

ir families, and also within the laboring population generally. Workers became enraged a decided to strike, this idea spread quickly to other major cities.The Great Railroad Strike of 1877, a national ... of 1877, a national catastrophe and the major news story of the year, was the first national labor strike in U.S. history. Because of the ideological bias of the press, specifically its implicit comm ...

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A Third Journal written as if you were a serf or farmer back in Medieval Times

have what they deserve for all the hard work they do to keep everything going. Maybe I should go on strike and see if my fellow farmers Antony and Markus will too. Maybe we could even start rebellion ... that.So what do I do! I guess a poor little farmer can't do much against a great king except go on strike and be whipped till you go back to work. If you then go back to work when you've been whipped ...

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Labor Markets and Collective Bargaining

ll do not have the necessary tool or strength to negotiate their demands. Therefore, the ability to strike is given to the workers as a tool, while the employers are equipped with the lock-out option. ... worker compared to an individual worker's demand. With collective bargaining, the workers can go to strike to accept their demands. An individual worker does not have such option.The negative side of ...

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Is Conflict Inevitable in the Employment Relationship?

Some forms will be shown in overt and obvious ways, the most blatant and publicised of these being strikes (Alexander and Lewer, 1998).Strikes involve a removal of labour by employees from the whole ... of labour by employees from the whole or, sometimes, a part of an organisation. The purpose of the strike is to enforce demands relating to employment conditions on the employer or of protesting unfa ...

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Describe and analyse the forces shaping the employment relationship in the firefighters' case study referred to in the tutorial in Week 12 (Blyton and Turnbull, 2004:317-325).

The Blyton and Turnbull (2004) examination of the British firefighters' strike 2002-3 provides evidence of the legal exchange system that operates between employees and the ... d by the abovementioned forces. This case study outlined and analysed the events that culminated in strike action by disgruntled firefighters' across Britain in 2002-2003. These events occurred on the ... ant role in the firefighters' case study. Firstly, the major cause and outcome of the firefighters' strike itself revolved on the issue of employee (firefighters) dissatisfaction with pay levels and o ...

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A Report on the Proposed Steps to Respond to a Looming Dispute

Steel and Allied Trade Union ("MESATU"), which negotiations may lead to a dispute and eventually a strike action led, specifically, by UWATUSA. Mrs Rabulele has proposed a set of steps that should be ... A members reject the recourse to the Bargaining Council and continue to threaten the company with a strike, management should then refer the matter to the Bargaining Council which has, as one of its m ...

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Labour Relations in South Africa

ide information on what constitutes a fair or unfair dismissal.•To assess the workers right to strike and the consequences.•To provide information on the rights of the employer.•To expl ... on, Mediation…………………10and Arbitration2.4.Protected Strike..……………………………&hel ...

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Strikes for Higher Pay--1887

This is the year of 1887 and strikes are illegal, but all of you are on strike for higher pay. I do not quite understand why you ... legal, but all of you are on strike for higher pay. I do not quite understand why you would want to strike, considering that, you have payments to make, children to feed, and a family to take care of. ... sense in this foolishness. I ask you to stop striking and come back to work, before it is too late.Strike. Strike as long as you must. I must assure you that the consequences may be devastating to al ...

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Lowell mills girls

orm to the group. This pressure to go along with the group also helped to gain support for going on strike. Something that helped the sense of unity was that most women that came to the factory had a ... ld they were. The life of the mill also helped to bind the women together in a strong community.The strikes were a result of the threatening of the workers independence from the factory. The mill agen ...

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Trade unions

he weaknesses of the unions and the fragility of collective bargaining were brutally exposed by the strikes of the 1890s." ( Ford & Plowman 1983, pg.77) Unions clearly recognize that industrial po ... and with collective bargaining. When arbitration was formed "the principal objective was to prevent strikes and lockouts." ( Ford & Plowman 1983, pg.79). In the Arbitration Act of 1904, the Court ...

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The Winnipeg General Strike News Report

Two thousands building and metal workers went on strike in May 1919, in Winnipeg because they wanted higher wages, $.85 per hour and a work week redu ... d to the WinnipegTrades and Labour Council whose members voted 11 112 to 524 in favour of a general strike. Firefighters, streetcar drivers, telephone operators, sales clerks, garbage collectors, stre ... and dairy workers all walked off the job at 11:00 a.m. on May 15, 1919. Over 30 000 workers were on strike within three days. On the other hand, business people and employers organized the Citizen&iex ...

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Performance Management and Industrial Relations

rkets and industrial relations. The period witnessed a greater number of labour disputes leading to strikes and lockouts.Figure 1 : Schematic diagram of MBOThis was from1967-1974; this corresponded wi ... r markets and its relationships. The period saw an increased number of labour disputes resulting in strikes and lockouts [2]. A large number of unions were formed in this period and by 1978, close to ...

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