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in general I will never give up in life. God will always see me through.REINFORCEMENT THERORY: This theory states that people's actions are viewed not as a product of free will, but rather of the rein ... l, but rather of the reinforcement provided as a result of their actions.SYMBOLIC INTERACTION: This theory examines the symbols and definitions that people use to communicate with one another. Many pe ...

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f simplicity. To give a single explanation of a variety of different phenomena. (Like contemporary "string theory" -- a theory of everything.)2. Anaximander had a bold vision: he attempted to explain ...

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Investigating circular motion

assesGlass tube 50-gram mass carrier 50-gram slot masses Metre ruleStopwatch Sticky tape Metre rule StringTHEORYAs in Jacaranda HSC Science Physics 2 p.54In this experiment when the rubber bung is mov ... cience Physics 2 p.54In this experiment when the rubber bung is moving in a circular motion and the string it is tied to moves neither up or down a constant radius is being maintained. For this to be ...

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String Theory

String Theory provides a framework to explain absolutely all workings of the universe. It has been s ... overcome. Over the last three decades countless modifications and revamping have been performed on String Theory. String Theory with its ability to explain the workings of the universe has not always ... theory is usually used where it successfully can be, and dismissed where it has been known to fail. String Theory looks to solve this problem. It hints at being able to explain far more (maybe everyth ...

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