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NASA - Their current public relations problems explained.

At 8:00 AM CDT on February 1, 2003, all communications were lost with the space shuttle Columbia (STS-107) as the craft disintegrated during re-entry over the clear blue skies of north Texas. The s ... hich authorized the construction of a Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery in recognition of the STS-107 Columbia astronauts. He also stated that NASA had established the NASA Family Assistance Fu ...

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The main idea depicted in Van Gogh's Pieta.

rt in harsh times and how do can we use that to make us better people?T.S. 1: Understanding ProblemsSTS 1: Figuring out problems-Jesus is shirtless. This is "a sign of the deepest material deprivation ... o focus more because the fact that Jesus and Van Gogh are both isolated forces them to concentrate).STS 2: No matter how hard these problems seem, remember that there is always hope.-The sun is settin ...

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GCSE Science Coursework - Investigating the factors that affect the reaction between sodiumthiosulphate and hydrochloric acid

cm of hydrochloric acid to which I add a varying concentration of sodiumthiosulphate. To change the STS (sodiumthiosulphate) concentration I will add 10cm of water to a fresh flask of STS after each e ... 10cm of water to a fresh flask of STS after each experiment while each time reducing the volume of STS by the same amount. I will be measuring the results by timing the reaction until the solution is ...

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