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Nuclear Energy

c bomb at Bikini during 1946. This powerful type of energy comes from many things such as atoms and subatomic particles; an atom is a tiny bit of matter that has very little weight. They are much too ... cles, their structure is very complexe. They are, in fact, made up of smaller bits of matter called subatomic particles. An atom has two parts. Those two parts are; 1)at the center is a nucleus, a den ...

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Creation of a Cosmology: Big Bang Theory Chronological history of the events, scientists and their discoveries.

es in temperature on any measurement scale, that was infinitely dense, created not only fundamental subatomic particles and thus matter and energy but space and time itself. Cosmology theorists combin ...

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QuarksQuarks- any group of subatomic particles believed to be among the basic components if matterQuarks are believed to be the ... be observed in ordinary matter. Strange quarks can be observed in omega-minus and other short lived subatomic particles which play on part in ordinary matter(1985 Quarks).The interpretation of quarks ...

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Scientists Discover Atoms (orginally written as a newspaper)

bombs and generated electricity by nuclear power. We even split the atom into smaller pieces called subatomic particles.But what exactly is an atom? What is it made of? What does it look like? How doe ...

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Theories of the Origin of the Universe.

ig Bang marks the instant at which the universe began. From a dense, hot ball of gas, radiation and subatomic particles. This exploded and began expanding rapidly outward. As it expanded it cooled and ...

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Quantum Physics: What do we really know?

orld that is amazing and unpredictable in every way. Quantum Physics is the study of the physics of subatomic particles. The science is becoming increasingly popular around the world and striking an i ... The amazing thing about Quantum Physics is that nothing is really as it seems so to speak, and that subatomic particles do not follow the same rules as classical physics suggests. Today, we can explor ...

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Quantum Theory

ory in physics based on using the concept of the quantum unit to describe the dynamic properties of subatomic particles and the interactions of matter and radiation. The foundation was laid by the Ger ... by the German physicist Werner Heisenbera in 1927, which states that the position and momentum of a subatomic particle cannot be specified simultaneously.In the 18th and 19th centuries, Newtonian, or ...

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Higgs Boson is a subatomic particle scientist think that it's the source of the mass of all other particles that have ... ists.Higgs developed his theory to explain a surprising discovery about the forces that act between subatomic particles. Physicists had known that these forces have certain mathematical properties cal ... mmetries characteristic of massless particles.The Higgs boson, if it exists, has a large mass for a subatomic particle. Estimates range from about 400 to 1,000 times the mass of a proton. One of the m ...

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The Big Bang Theory

then came an explosion with temperatures hitting in the trillions of degrees that created not only subatomic particles, but matter space, and time itself.The Big Bang Theory Jason Piaia March 26, 200 ...

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John Locke Personal Idenity

cation from this is that if the chair is no longer the same chair because it does not hold the same subatomic particles it initially held, then I myself must not be the same self (substantively) becau ... lly held, then I myself must not be the same self (substantively) because I no longer hold the same subatomic particles I initially held either.Aside from the substantive mode of identity, there is th ...

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Intermolecular forces- describing the three types of bonding, giving examples, and intermolecular forces

ns for it to achieve stability. In case you are wondering, valence electrons are negatively charged subatomic particles that circle in the outermost cloud on an atom, and they maybe either shared, tra ...

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How are Car batteries made and how they work ?

One half-cell, called the negative electrode, has an overabundance of the tiny, negatively charged subatomic particles called electrons. The other, called the positive electrode, has a deficit of ele ...

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Nuclear Fission

fission, a fairly recent discovery, is a process in which an atom is split by the collision of two subatomic particles. There are many components needed to successfully obtain nuclear power by nuclea ...

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