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angutan reproductively and geographically from one another creating a 'degree of difference' or two subspecies. There are several different characteristics between the two subspecies of orangutans and ... yngeal sac, when inflated, increases the tone of the animals voice, producing 'long calls'. In both subspecies (Borneo and Sumatran) calling acts as ' a spacing mechanism between the males and also ad ...

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A four page paper about Spider Monkeys

The Spider monkey is a primate with the scientific name Ateles geoffroyi. There are nine subspecies under this name, three of which are endangered. They are found in a wide range of places, ... xtending from Mexico to Brazil. Spider monkeys are very interesting animals.Spider monkeys put into subspecies based on appearance. They can move through the trees very quickly and efficiently. They h ... r into a nearby camp and try to steal food.Spider monkeys live in groups. Group sizes vary with the subspecies and location. They usually range from ten to forty monkeys, but sometimes groups of more ...

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This essays describes the life of a tiger. Very detailed explanation of physical characteristics, life style, habitat, and current statistics on the endangered species.

countries that it originally occupied. Within the past 60 years already three of the original eight subspecies of tigers have sadly become extinct. In his best selling book from 1944 "Man Eaters of th ... and from nine to ten feet in length including the tail, which of course varies among the different subspecies. As suggested by ecologist John Seidensticker, the tigers body is more or less built arou ...

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White tiger, is it really endangered?

born white, and they are not albinos. For unexplained reasons it seems to occur only in the Bengal subspecies. Every year there is more white tigers instead of less. So the real meaning of this resea ...

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The Neanderthal Should Be Classified As A subspecies of Modern Man

      This essay is about the debate of whether the Neanderthal should be classified as a subspecies of modern man or should have a place in human evolution. Since its discovery of the Neand ... on. Since its discovery of the Neanderthal fossil in 1856, people have been arguing whether it is a subspecies of modern man, homo sapien Neanderthals, or a distinct species, homo Neanderthals....

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California Sea lion

rnia sea lion is a member of the Pinnipedia order and the Otariidae family, and is one of the three subspecies of Zalophus californianus. The difference between seals and sea lions is ears. Sea lions, ...

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Race In Hurston's Conscience Of The Court

acially structured lives.Race is described as body type, ancestry, cultural differences, biological subspecies, actual social stratification and the normative social stratification. Race according to ...

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EW HESPERIOIDAE (HESPERIINAE) FROM SOUTH CAROLINA: Euphyes bimacula arbogasti is described as a new subspecies from Berkeley County, South Carolina. It is known from only a few widely scattered coloni ... a. It is darker then E. b. bimacula and E. b. illinois. Poanes aaroni minimus is described as a new subspecies from Bull Swamp, Orangeburg County, South Carolina. This unique inland subspecies is pres ...

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REPTILIA: SQUAMATA: IGUANIDAE Crotaphytus collaris This is a species account.

omer, Eastern collared lizard, Common collared lizard.Crotaphytus collaris . Say, 1823.Content. Six subspecies are recognized (Arbor, 1928).Synonyms:Agama collaris Say in James, 1823 Crotaphytus baile ...

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REPTILIA: CROCODYLIA: ALLIGATORIDAE CAIMAN CROCODILUS This is a species account Caiman crocodilus, common name: Common Caiman or the Spectacled caiman

signated lectotype of Lacerta crocodilus Linnaeus 1758" (Hoogmoed & Gruber 1983).Content. Three subspecies are recognized as the Caiman crocodilus apaporiensis (Medem 1955), Caiman crocodilus fusc ... sts of Caiman crocodilus (Crocodylia: Alligatoridae). Acta Herpetologica 1 (2)Medem, F. 1955. A new subspecies of Caiman sclerops from Colombia. Fieldiana: Zoology. Chicago. 37: 339-343Bocourt, F. 187 ...

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