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To investigate the effect of surface area on the rate of reaction using the enzyme Catalase, found in potato, and the substrate Hydrogen Peroxide.

trate is broken down in to either two or more products causing a catabolic reaction. Or two or more substrates are bonded to make one product causing an anabolic reaction.There are five factors that e ...

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SeaStar Starfish, The

on reefs or in areas with high wave action, instead happily settling on either mud, sand or pebble substrates. In Tasmania, juveniles and adults have also been found attached to scallop longlines, sp ...

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Transfected Cell Microarrays

The two samples of mRNA are then reverse transcribed in the presence of fluorescently-labeled dNTP substrates (different label for each sample; i.e, green and red), forming a number of fluorescently ...

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An investigation into the effect of substrate concentration on the activity of the enzyme catalase in potato tissue.

ise three-dimensional shape. This specific shape is the cleft or depression, which other molecules (substrates) fit into perfectly; this part of the enzyme, is called the active site. The tertiary fol ... he tertiary folding of the polypeptides causes the intricate specific shape of the active site. The substrates are held in the active site by forming temporary bonds with the hydrophilic R groups of t ...

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A comparison of the respiration of yeast in different sugar substrates.

Biology Fermentation Practical"A comparison of the respiration of yeast in different sugar substrates"Aim: The aim was to compare the respiration of yeast in different substrates of sugars, i ... lucose and low in comparison to Maltose can be explained by the structural differences in the sugar substrates. As the disaccharides (Maltose) have an extra glycosidic bond compared to the two separat ...

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due to the afct that the major reserviors of this nutrient are contained largely in rock and other substrates. As a consequence, this nutrient often limits primary productionDiscuss this statement in ...

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The effect of concentration of enzyme and enzyme substrate on the rate of an Enzyme-catalysed reaction

arrier. When discussing enzyme catalyzed reactions, the participants in the reaction are called the substrates.Enzyme exert their effect on chemical reactions by providing a place for thesubstrates to ... al structure (tertiary structure). Somewhere within the structure is a place where the substrate or substrates can interact with the enzyme; this is called the active site and the structure formed by ...

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The Activity of Sodium-Potassium Active Transport with respect to the Concentration of Cytoplasmic Sodium

protein involved transports are adopted. One of which is active transport, that uses energy to move substrates against electrochemical gradient. Among many active transport cases, sodium potassium tra ...

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The environmental factors that effect turnip peroxidase

zymes are biological catalysts which increase reaction rates by lowering the activation energies of substrates. A substrate is a reactant that interacts with the enzyme. The enzyme and substrate can b ... model", which suggests enzymes are flexible and dynamic things that change their shape so all these substrates (reactants) can become catalyzed when the activation energy is lowered and the reactions ...

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Investigating how surface area affects rates of reaction.

ique to its self but many others may be close to the exact shape, but not quite. Therefore allowing substrates to fit into its activesite, which then breaks it gets broken down. As all enzymes are dif ... o fit into its activesite, which then breaks it gets broken down. As all enzymes are different some substrates will have to work harder to fit into the active site of another enzyme of a similar shape ...

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AP Biology Enzyme Synthesis Lab Report

e enzyme is known as the substrate, and in this case is hydrogen peroxide. The enzyme changes these substrates into products, in this case water and O2 gas. The purpose of this lab is to observe and m ... tured, it looses its three-dimensional shape, meaning that it can not perform its task and react w/ substrates.牋牋牋牋Rate of reaction: 牋牋牋牋

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ng temperature, up to a point, increases the speed of an enzymatic reaction. This is partly because substrates collide more frequently when the molecules move quickly. Once the optimal temperature for ...

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Yeast And Different Carbohydrate Substrates

Rate of Carbon Dioxide Production by Yeast under Anaerobic Conditions using different Carbohydrate Substrates.Hypothesis.The hypothesis that I draw is that "" out the five carbohydrate substrates tha ... e interval.Null Hypothesis.The null hypothesis that I am composing is that "" the five carbohydrate substrates that I am to use will not produce any Carbon Dioxide.Scientific Research.Under anaerobic ...

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The Efeects Of Salivary Amylase On Starch Hydrolysis Under Different PH Levels

d up in a reaction; they can be used over and over again. An enzyme is also highly selective of its substrates. Substrates are molecules that a specific enzyme can chemically recognize, bind, and modi ...

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Biology HSC Syllabus - Maintaining A Balance (All Dot Points Answered)

bolism, describe their chemical composition and use a simple model to describe their specificity in substrates:-Role of enzymes in metabolism:Metabolism refers to all the chemical reactions occurring ... ursThe products are the substances that the substrate(s) become. One substrate can be split, or two substrates can be joined-Models to explain specificity:The Lock and Key Model suggests that the subs ...

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uld not occur at a rate sufficient for sustaining life.The molecules that enzymes act on are called substrates. The site where a substrate binds to an enzyme is called the active site. Because of thei ... rate binds to an enzyme is called the active site. Because of their shape, enzymes bind to specific substrates. An enzyme is unchanged by the reaction and can be reused, lowers activation energy neede ...

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Pepsin Experiment

active site in which the specific substrate(s) will "fit". It recognises, confines and orients the substrates in a particular direction.Enzymes allow many chemical reactions to occur within the homeo ...

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and water, A baumannii grows at various temperatures and pH environments and uses a vast variety of substrates for growth. The indiscriminate nature of this organism and its recent acquisition of MDR ...

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