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James Joyce

and of Dublin, Ireland, and the Roman Catholic Church. These three aspects show up in all his works subtly, but specifically in, The Dead, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, and Araby.James Joyc ...

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The Renaisance Man

y life. He came to me when I was seventeen months old ,and ever since that day he has been with me, subtly guiding me through all the stages by my side throughout my life. I see his success as a motiv ...

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The life and works of Jessie Shirley Bernard (1903-1996).

ernard 1989,326). Upon entering high school in 1916, Bernard was taught by suffragist teachers, who subtly transmitted a feminist message during class lectures (Bernard, 1989, 325). As a 2nd generatio ...

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"Gulliver's travels" by Jonathan Swift. a critical and insightful work satirizing the political and social systems of eighteenth-century England

ies as well as such universal concerns as the moral degeneration of man. While he incorporates them subtly early in the novel, these observations and criticisms eventually progress to a point where th ...

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Edna's Character in " The Awakening", a novel by Kate Chopin

l, but encounters the resistance of society's standards to her desire.Kate Chopin carefully, though subtly, establishes that Edna does not neglect her children, but only her mother-woman image. Chopin ...

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Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens.

on in the novel Great Expectations, Dickens introduces the concept of imprisonment, a theme that is subtly intertwined throughout the story. In this first part, the man who is speaking is imprisoned b ...

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Distcription of characters in To Kill a Mockingbird

at everyone and tries to understand who they are and where they are coming from. And he quietly and subtly passes on wisdom to his children about terrible subjects like racism.Atticus is also a reliab ...

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Troublesome To Do Right, discusses the morality of Huck in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by Mark Twain

Finn, Mark Twain was able to poke, prod, and cast doubt on the society he grew up in. But he did it subtly, through the eyes of a child. When Huck questions something, it is Twain's unobtrusive way of ...

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y, she would hide sweet, dainty treats in the food; perhaps it was impaled in the chicken, or maybe subtly arranged alongside the celery. Every time we found a treat, we would giggle in childish glee, ...

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Marc Antony's Funeral Oration in "Julius Caeser".

this by forming an emotional relationship with the crowd and engineering a deep level of trust. He subtly sows seeds of discontent in the crowd and uses physical actions and gesture in preference to ...

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How does Browning Shape our Reaction To The Duke in His Dramatic Monologue 'My Last Duchess'?

so get a hint of the Duke's possessiveness - he says 'my last Duchess'. As well as this we are told subtly that he's moving on to his next wife - 'my last duchess'. By telling us all this in the first ... s control over the Duke. This is something that the reader does not notice, but it is always there, subtly suggesting a power struggle.

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Womens issues in the 1800´s.

-1937) "Souls Belated", many common social issues related to women are brought to light, and though subtly pointed out are an outcry against the conventions of the time. In these three stories, which ...

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The Internal Conflict.

s what Milton conveys himself as being without eyesight. In lines 2,3 Milton uses theword talent to subtly hint at the parable described in the bible. In this parable a talent is aform of currency, an ...

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How Orwell uses the main character of Winston to illustrate the theme of the opression of humanity.

ey are in nineteen eighty four, shown when Orwell writes "he had a mute feeling in his bones". This subtly links back to Orwell's main message, because Winston has a feeling that things were different ...

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When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be Analysis

has to express; hence the imagery of the harvest, e.g., "glean'd," "garners," "full ripen'd grain." Subtly reinforcing this idea is the alliteration of the key words "glean'd," garners," and "grain," ...

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Describe the dramatic effect of Enobarbus as a character focussing on two or three scenes of your choice.

cter is in Act 1 Scene 2. This is a classic example of how Enobarbus uses sarcasm to make his point subtly. For example, he says, "I do think there is mettle in death which commits some loving act upo ...

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n" and "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" will be examined and by focusing attention on recurring topics subtly implied in the stories, such as existentialism, where the meaning in life or lack thereof is ...

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Discuss with reference to style, language and narrative techniques, the main themes inherent in Muriel Sparks "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

overall theme of the rest of the novel. However, it also displays a distinct style of writing which subtly etches the idea of fascism into the main structure of the narrative.It is through the novel's ... ough the novel's third person narrative that Spark is able to blend together reality and fantasy so subtly. The narrative takes us without warning into Sandy's own fantasy world. This is done suddenly ...

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Subject: Classics. Title: How is Nero Portrayed in Book XV of "The Annals" by Tacitus. Refer to the text in detail with your answer.

artial as Tacitus claims in his prologue, and we see this clearly in his depiction of Nero. Through subtly suggestive language and the deployment of pithy, often acerbic, observations, Tacitus focuses ...

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Discussing the film "Erin Brocovich", examine how this media text has been used to dispaly social class and prejudices within American society.

awyers as well dressed, well spoken, and dedicated to the job fully, and down to the point but with subtly. Erin Brocovich isn't any of these things. She has a family at home to take care of, so she a ...

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