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Seasonal Affective Disorder

er more from this disorder because of the shortened days. It appears, that due to the deficiency of sunlight some people suffer from these symptoms. The shortened days have a hormonal effect on the bo ... tened days have a hormonal effect on the body that causes these symptoms, and the use of artificial sunlight is the best way to relieve the disorder.It was not until recently that SAD was discovered. ...

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Children of the Sun- A fantasy short story about a young girl and her brother living on a foreign planet.

hildren of The SunBrabe awoke with sharp pains running through his body. The Sun! He hadn't had any sunlight for almost a day."Lela," he said, shaking her, "we must get out of here, wherever we are."L ...

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Billy's Place, a creative horror story

and threatening, released their spell of murk on the world below, and the first cracks of the day's sunlight ripped through the massive layer of clouds, and shined upon the white earth. At that moment ...

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An esaay evaluating and explaining symbolism and rhetoric devices used in the novel The Stranger

He does not do it intentionally, but rather because of the intensity of the moment and the blinding sunlight reflecting off of the Arab's blade.The sun at the beach, similar to the sun at his mother's ...

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Solar Energy

his from occurring is to promote the use of solar energy.Researchers are interested in changing the sunlight into electricity. Many methods ofsending heat through air are presently being tested in Isr ... them towork effectively. Solar cells use materials, like silicone which are semiconductors tochange sunlight into electricity.Solar energy can also work on days when the sun isn't out. Scientists at t ...

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RacismThe sizzling streams of sunlight were just beautifully glimmering down on the crisp green school yard. Such a wonderful day ...

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- -PHOTOSYNTHESISGeneral InfoDefn: 'To make with light'Reactants (Ingredients)CO2, H2O, Sunlight, chlorophyllProductsFood (C6H12O6 = glucose) and O2Overall ReactionPhotosynthesis is actual ... and O2Overall ReactionPhotosynthesis is actually a series of two reactions.Light reactions (require sunlight)chlorophyll uses sunlight to split water and form oxygen and chemical energy.Dark reactions ...

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Death of a Planet

ocarbonsare released when fuel in the engine burns partially. When hydrocarbons come in contact withsunlight they form ground level ozone. Ground level ozone is a major ingredient in the formationof s ...

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Fishing Techniques

nothing, we decided to venture out on the resort lodes boats. There was only about an hour left of sunlight that day, so we all piled into the boats and raced off to catch the big one. After casting ...

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A story of a butterfly growing up and discovering what it really is.

of fresh clean air. A few fragments of the brittle wall gave way and as the thin blinding beams of sunlight glimmered down onto my face my eyes slammed shut like a vice. I had almost forgotten the po ...

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Plant adaptation in extreme conditions.

lions of years of evolution. A plants basic needs are similar to any other organism water, food and sunlight. In this essay the three extreme conditions I will be writing about will be the freezing Ar ...

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How does light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis?

tensity affect the rate of photosynthesis?2) How does temperature affect the rate of photosynthesis?sunlightcarbon dioxide + water glucose + oxygenchlorophyllsunlight6CO2 + 6H2O àà&agrav ...

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This essay is a descriptive essay that uses the five natural senses to describe a road and farm land it is from 1st person written by Kevin Mccurry title Where the Green Grass Grows.

he exterior of the vehicle as well as anything else is touches. As I go down this old dirt road the sunlight splinters through the canopy of oak and pine trees down and illuminates the red dust that i ...

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m affects pea plants. The purpose of this is to see how much the growth of the plant is affected by sunlight. Many years ago the scientist Charles Darwin discovered what today we called phototropism. ... otropism was prevented. From this he concluded that the shaded area grows faster then the area with sunlight,Though phototropism was occurring no one at that time knew it occurred because the hormone ...

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Essay on skin cancer. Background, treatment, and therapy

t. Skin cancer is more common in people with light colored skin who have spent a lot of time in the sunlight. Skin cancer can occur anywhere on your body, but it is most common in places that have bee ... cer can occur anywhere on your body, but it is most common in places that have been exposed to more sunlight, such as your face, neck, hands, and arms. Skin cancer can look many different ways. The mo ...

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Air Pollution Research Paper. Includes Introduction to air pollution,types of air pollution,Causes and solutions,and conclusion!

is indeed what smog is. Smog is a form of air pollution created by the photochemical reaction with sunlight and the chemicals in the air, and than this deadly mixture is released into the atmosphere. ...

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Photosynthesis Coursework

ynthesis, a plant takes carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil and uses the light from sunlight to turn them into food. Photosynthesis occurs only in the presence of light, and takes plac ... out as a waste product but saves a little to use for respiration (releasing energy from food). The sunlight is absorbed by green pigment called chlorophyll.Much of the glucose is turned into other su ...

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The effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis

create energy for themselves.It is best described from the following equationWater + carbon dioxide sunlight glucose + oxygenOrsunlight6H O +6CO C H O +6O (The balanced equation)glucose is the resulti ... n are diffused out also through the stomata which again have to be turgid to let it out.And finally sunlight is needed for the process of photosynthesis to take place. This is obtained by firstly the ...

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The lord of the flies

to attract the attention of passing ships. The boys succeed in igniting some dead wood by focusing sunlight through the lenses of Piggy's eyeglasses. However, the boys pay more attention to playing t ...

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Safe Tanning & the benefits that come from it.

le now know the risks associated with getting burnt though most do not understand the benefits that sunlight can offer. Tanning salons are teaching the right way to use the ultra violet rays so that i ... of sun exposure while minimizing the potential risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight." Tanning is our body's natural defense against sunburn. Did you know that up to 81% of peo ...

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