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INTRODUCTIONWe've all heard about superconductivity. But, do we all know what itis? How it works and what are its uses? To start talki ... easier to understand how the 'super' partfunctions. In the following paragraphs, I will explain how superconductivityworks, some of the current problems and some examples of its uses.CONDUCTIVITYCondu ... fly off in all directions and lose energy in form ofheat. This is known as friction. This is where superconductivity comes intowork. Inside a superconductor, the lattice and the impurities are still ...

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Cryogenics and the future

of a Kelvin above absolute zero. There are also two main sciences used in cryogenics, and they are Superconductivity and Superfluidity.Cryogenics first came about in 1877, when a Swiss Physicist name ... absolutely frozen.Also , their are two subjects that are also closely related to cryogenics called Superconductivity and Superfluidity. Superconductivity is a low-temperature phenomenon where a metal ...

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Hydrogen Fuel --- the Future's new way of Electricity?

gen cells. Scientists might have just come up with a solution.Scientist working at Texas Centre for Superconductivity and Advanced Materials (TcSAM) at the University of Houston overcame the heat obst ...

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How to Control Heat Flow with a Magnet?

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Superconductivity is the ability for certain materials to conduct electrical current with no resista ... er temperature of -148°C.Dutch physicist, Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, made the first discoveries of superconductivity in 1911. He observed that there was no electrical resistance in mercury below -269 ... een, Leon N. Cooper and John Robert Schrieffer, developed the modern theory of the basic physics of superconductivity. It was known as the BCS theory and they were all awarded with the 1972 Nobel Priz ...

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Magnetic Levitation

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A World Without Friction

An interesting change that would come about is that all metals would become superconductors (Krim). Superconductivity is a phenomenon occurring in certain materials generally at very low temperatures, ... iction means there would be zero electrical resistance (Krim). Since there are many applications of superconductivity, this would be beneficial.Overall, the absence of friction would cause many change ...

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