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The Death and Dying Practices of the Australian Aborigines

ery localized and old set of beliefs.As in many religions, Aborigines share a belief in a celestial Supreme Being. During a novice's initiation, he learns the myth of Daramulun, which means "Father,' ...

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Is there a God or is HE (?) an illusion?

and yet somehow resembling them.As it may seem, humans have a metaphysical (speculative) need for a SupremeBeing. God, as we call him. He is the eternal and infinite Spirit, Creatorof the Universe, an ...

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Mythology research project. Speaks of The Yoruba and Madagascar myths

and. Orisha Nla, also called the Great God, was sent down from the sky to the Chaos by Olorun, the Supreme Being. His obligatory mission was to create solid land and to aid him in the accomplishment ... and land were separated, a chameleon was sent with Orisha Nla to inspect his work and report to the Supreme Being. Olorun was satisfied with the good things reported to him and sent Orisha Nla to fin ...

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Christocentric Panthiesm? Aquinas and Epictetus: Discussions on the Nature of God

and his role and position in the order of creation. This theory would presuppose the existence of a supreme being or higher authority. This acceptance of a higher authority then mandates the establish ...

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Western Legal Tradition

aw in ancient civilizations had one thing incommon: they were all supposed to be enforced by a more supreme being.For the Egyptians that being was the Pharaoh; for the Mesopotamians, theGods and the r ...

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If I could interview anyone, who would it be? Jesus And Why? What questions would you ask him/her, and why?

ask him how he was able to resist temptation, and what he felt inside. Many would refer to him as a supreme being, son of God, but what we need to realize is that he was also human, like you and I. He ...

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THERE IS NO MEANING OF LIFE WITHOUT THE LORD GOD Do you agree with Baier that human life may satisfactory purpose or meaning, in the absence of a supreme being?

I strongly disagree with Baier's belief that life has purpose in the absence of a "supreme being".Kurt Baier states there is two senses of the word "purpose". The first, self generate ...

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Descartes, The Existence of God This goes over, describes, and defines Descartes writings on God.

ared to his other notions. Descartes realizes that since he is a being that thinks, there must be a supreme being more perfect than him to help us realize his imperfections.He believes that there is n ... eves that there is no possible way for him to know what his shortcomings are without a perfect more supreme being putting these ideas in his head. He also knows that he could not exist without a being ...

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"A tale of two cities" by Charles Dickens.

nce the beginning of time, it has been impossible for humans to love unconditionally. Even God, the supreme being of the human race, cannot be loved unconditionally by His people unless they totally g ...

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Christianity is based on errors and omissions.

holy texts. It is an institution in which the most Holy Scripture is contradictory, and wherein the Supreme Being, by the very definition, cannot exist. Christianity is, therefore, a fundamentally fla ... contradiction involving David pales in comparison, however, toothe one of the very definition of a supreme being. In Christianity, Christis central in atoning for the sins of mankind. Had there been ...

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Descartes' Fifth Meditation This essay provides insight into Descartes' Fifth Meditation and the existence of God

cond ontological argument is straightforward and simple. The essence of God is that He is a perfect supreme being. Existence is one of God's perfections. Therefore, God must exist. Descartes' contends ... is incapable of thinking of God as not existing, hence God must exist. The idea of God is that of a supreme and perfect being, He is perfect in every single infinite aspect, and thus must exist, as ex ...

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Firmly rooted to Agnosticism.

ent of life in general, although not ardently religious, often times wondering if there is a God or supreme being, I find myself wondering about the existence of such a being. Early Protestantism seem ...

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Evil and Suffering.

Believers within religions battle and challenge the concept of faith of a higher, supreme being, due to the presence of evil. The question arises; If God the creator of the ordered a ...

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The different religions around the world.

religion is an organised system of beliefs, ceremonies, prayers and worship, all dedicated to some supreme being, God, to any kind of idol or Deity (no matter if there is just one or many of them). P ...

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Study guides for American Pageant 12e by Bailey.

than religion and rejected the concept of original sin and Christ's divinity. deists believed in a Supreme being who had created the universe and endowed humans with a soul*Deism help inspire the Uni ...

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This is a brief but informational outline of important points of the Middle East

Torah- The Ten Commandments c. Jerusalem d. The belief in one G-d, Supreme Being, "Adonaih", the Ten Commandments dictate a way of life, one goes to a synagogue to pra ...

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In "The Lamb" and "the Tiger" William Blake's speakers present a distinct duality of the human understanding of god

ause it removes the speaker from a place of creation. "The Tiger" demonstrates how people observe a supreme being in human terms. By using the words, "hammer," "furnace," and "anvil," the speaker crea ...

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Buddhism vs Christianity

nconceivable that Jesus is the incarnate Lord, God in the flesh.In Buddhist thought, there is no supreme being, no creator, no universal God, no loving Lord over his creation. The ultimate reality ... closest equated to the Void, Ignorance and Karma. However in Christian thought, God is known as the supreme creator and Lord. Many Christians acknowledge God's desire of relationship with each and eve ...

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Hinduism and Buddhism vs. Confucianism and Taoism

ion with, the ego or the self, so that we can realize The Self, or selflessness. The differences in supreme beings between Hinduism and Buddhism show two extremes of the same idea. Hinduism believes i ... reme Being, but separates its characteristics into many different Gods. Everything is a part of the Supreme Being. Buddhism sees the individual's thought and nature as supreme, and therefore does not ...

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Islam and Buddhism Research Report

popularly referred by the name Allah. Allah is also different to Buddha because he thought of as a supreme being, where Buddha is simply a enlightened man.The teachings and their origin are also extr ...

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