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as body surfing. The only difference is, instead of stiffening the body,the surfer must stand on a surfboard.In the middle 1950's, surfboards were made of heavy wood. Theywere handmade and required a ... y wood. Theywere handmade and required alot of sanding and filing to make the boardssmooth. Today's surfboards are manufactured in a factory using light balsawood or fiberglass and polyurethane. An ad ...

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A trip to Costa Rica

Gringos are welcome in San Jose, Costa Rica. Most of them are shaggy-haired, surfboard-toting young men; they don't stay in San Jose too long. The hot surf spots, like Jaco and ...

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A Salty High: A descriptive essay about the stoke that surfboarding brings to an individual.

with the rising sun; waiting for the most unique peeler to form my way. Sitting on my 6'2fiberglass surfboard, i was in awe at the beautiful lively nature that surrounded me. The ocean breeze sprayed ...

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Supply, Demand, and the Demise of Clark Foam

osure of Clark Foam, the maker of over 90% of the world's foam core material for the manufacture of surfboards. The abrupt closure caused a massive economic trickle down effect on the entire global su ... re caused a massive economic trickle down effect on the entire global surfboard industry, affecting surfboard availability, demand, price, and jobs. The controversial reasons for the closure involved ...

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Baby Be-Bop By Francesca Lia Block

n a cottage.Main Characters: Dirk: He is a teenage boy in high school that adores the beach and his surfboard, along with Fifi's red-and-white Pontiac convertible.Fifi: She is just an old and odd woma ...

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Surfing Nirvana- How To Essay

I don't believe another feeling could be compared to standing up on your surfboard and guiding it with your feet in a jumping, collapsing gyre of water. Imagine a moment whe ... t as equipment heavy as opposed to skiing or windsurfing. You need five basic things and they are a surfboard, a leash, a wetsuit, some wax, and of course sun block (unless you live in areas other tha ... . As you gain experience you're going to learn, and discover, some phenomenal things about how your surfboard performs, things you possibly can't understand yet. But once you start to understand your ...

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Ins and outs of surfing

es then developed into more of a "leisure sport" than that of being a part of work.The first actual surfboarders originated in the 1920's where they rode large redwood planks that weighed around 126 p ... ds. As technology developed the boards became shorter, lighter and became better designed. The next surfboards to follow were made in the 1950's, this time the boards where made of balsa wood and then ...

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es were coming in set after set. The raw power of the walls of water was overwhelming. I grabbed my surfboard out of the bed of the truck and started walking towards the water.Collins 2 I could not be ... broke caused me to tremble. I knew then that there was no way I could ride one of those waves on a surfboard. I sat on the beach for about a half an hour just watching the waves roll in. My parents f ...

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write like a pro

Surfboard Business ReportExecutive summaryDanny, Zac and Christina are looking to open up a new surf ... ity and Christina is a part time worker in a surf shop. Together, they have an experience in making surfboards for their family and friends; and are well known in the local Bondi community.The busines ... eport will provide a clear explanation to the different choices of legal structure according to the surfboard business's requirement including a suggestion and reasons behind them. The report will als ...

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