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The intent of this paper is to introduce the reader to surfing. There are manythings to learn about surfing such as its history, surf gear, and safety hint ... "on the sloping portion of a wave as it moves toward shore. The most basicform of the sport is body surfing. It is done without a board. A person firstswims toward shore "to equal the wave speed." The ... ual the wave speed." Then the person stiffens thebody in order to "plane" on the front of the wave. Surfing is basically thesame as body surfing. The only difference is, instead of stiffening the body ...

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"Secluded Sand" .

and live a life of its own. It was with him for much too long, gliding over the waves while he was surfing... Now it's time to do whatever it wanted, enough of him deciding where it should go and wha ... making me do things quite different from what I've always wanted to do. You think I liked all that surfing? Hell, I hate the ocean! Or going to bed with all those girls? I could have used the time yo ...

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Surfing is a Sport

Surfing is a sport in which the site plays a huge role. It isn't like football, in which a field is ... for surfers; expenses; and temperature of the waterÑI condluded that California is a better surfing site.Hawaii is the ideal surfing location. It is a model to compare California and Florida's ... g location. It is a model to compare California and Florida's surfing to. Hawaii possesses the best surfing spot in the world, which is the North Shore-Oahu. Oahu is the most famous surfing stretch in ...

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of an electronic shield to protect surfers against sharks by the organizers of an Australian night surfing competition. Without the use of this shield, sharks may have found the surfers to be an easy ... allenge 2005 featured over 80 competitors from Australia and the United States. Steve Robertson, of Surfing Australia, stated, "It could seriously change the base of professional surfing" when comment ...

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The ballad of the desert surfer

oundThey probably think I am a penny short of a pound.I go on with my reason to appear,''I hear the surfing is just fine around here,So please can you tell me where the surf is to be found?''They star ... eye,He drops his board next to me, with Matilda on it writ large and blue,Says he, "Mr I'll come a surfing Matilda with you".We exchange a wink and take the stance,Looking to the horizon, awaiting ou ...

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Surfing has been around for ma

Surfing has been around for many years, in fact since 400 A.D and people are still going hard at it ... pect the design has changed significantly and they come in a few different lengths.Now the sport of surfing has grown into a worldwide attraction and people are surfing in basically every country that ... l;¦s a perfect wave was a point break like Malibu, but also today¡¦s people are surfing in all kinds of different places with different conditions, which also changes opinions. One ...

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Aqua Fitness/Water Safety

about surf conditions, ask a lifeguard or lifesaverDon't swim directly after a mealWhen swimming or surfing outdoors use 15+ sunscreen and wear a shirt and hat or other protective gear.Learn how to ch ...

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write like a pro

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A Fear of the Ocean

ght get to attempt each time he goes out. I know he is strong, but I also know that he is fearless. Surfing is a very physical activity, and can make a person very tired quickly. This also makes all o ... thalassophobia, or fear of the sea. Clearly, I have some resolve that outweighs my curiosity about surfing. The scary monsters that share the water with swimmers and surfers, the frightening strength ...

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