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the shade, or lie in a quiet pool of water to escape the heat. Tigers like water, and are very good swimmers. Northern Tigers undertake long migrations. These migrations occur when epidemics wipe out ...

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ny direction. Most species have webbed feet andpowerful legs making them good jumpers, and excellentswimmers. A frogs tongue is attached to the front of it'smouth instead of the rear, and most frogs a ...

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Creative writing about a swim meet(dialogues)

The SwimAs I sit at the edge of my seat, goggles in hand, I nervously wait my turn. "100 m swimmers, you're up next," calls the lady with the scripts. The horn sounds loudly to signal the sta ... "Time!""Got it!""Finished!""Good job!" shouted the timekeepers as the checked the times."You're up. Swimmers take your mark: get set..." says the announcer.Silence roars through the ears of my memory. ...

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Infertility in Men

ncentration. Also, motility, the ability to "swim", and speed, number of sperm that are the fastest swimmers are taken into consideration. The last factor tested is morphology, which measures the size ...

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Bigger, Better, Stronger The Increasing Use of Steroids in Sports w ref

A scenario from a 1995 poll of 198 sprinters swimmers power lifters and other assorted athletes.You are offered a banned performance enhancing su ...

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morning rush hour. Driven by an inexplicable compulsion, I enter the building along with ten other swimmers, inching my way toward the cold, dark locker room of the Esplanada Park Pool. One by one, w ... een elevated to the Senior Championship level, which means the competition now includes world-class swimmers. I am aware that making finals will not be easy from here--at this level, success is measur ...

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Are birds really dinosuars? 1/2 page essay

group of birds, mostly flying forms, Hesperornithiformes toothed birds which were mostly flightless swimmers, and Ichthyornithiformes toothed flying birds that probably fed on fish. The dinosaur birds ...

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Anabolic Steroids & Testosterone Boosting Supplements.

hletes believed to be charged taking drugs and other nonfood substances to improve performance were swimmers in Amsterdam in the 1860's. Doping, with anything from strychnine and caffeine to cocaine a ...

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Essay about Beavers

onal animal of Canada. They are mammals. They live in ponds, lakes, and streams. Beavers are strong swimmers and graceful divers. They have lungs and a furry body. A beaver's baby is called a kit. The ...

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nteresting animals. Shark behavior is highly unpredictable. Considering the number of scuba divers, swimmers, and water skiers who now go into shark infested waters, relatively few shark attacks on hu ... s, of some larger species, are more than 3 feet long. Also, when born, the young are swift, capable swimmers that feed on the same prey as adults. The young are frequently born in protected inshore ar ...

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coach almost year round, is an USS (United States Swimming) based program and participated by those swimmers who more dedicated and competitive. These swimmers swim purely for time and try to beat the ... oing on. A swimmer can have an amazing day, winning all their races, yet the team has lost. Our top swimmers, who are expected to take home first places, may get touched out. But as a coach, I need to ...

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r example, when a chemical manufacturer or meatpacking plant dumps its wastes into a lake or river, swimmers, fishermen, and boaters suffer spillover costs. When a petroleum refinery pollutes the air ...

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Man-made mistake cause severe damage to the environment.

al expression. They must have been working so hard the week before!Then, I suddenly saw most of the swimmers were reacting strangely in the bay; they were all rushing back onto the beach. I realized t ... of grease kept rushing out from the big vessel, which parked very close from the bay.I noticed some swimmers immediately took out their mobile phone and dialed to the police station. At the same time, ...

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The swimmers moment

gain all come from experiences we have, whether or not we succeed or fail. In the poem "The Swimmers Moment" the author, Margaret Avision, is trying to get us, the reader, to experience the fe ...

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College Report

have many responsibilities. As a team leader, for the year 2001-2002, I research the other times of swimmers and their ability to swim each event. According to these times, I put our fastest swimmers ... others.Also as captain of the team I have organized a phone tree to improve communication among the swimmers and to inform them of upcoming events. Another good team-building activity that I have orga ...

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Ordinary People

of his brother. Conrad and his older brother, Buck, were on the swim team at school. Both were good swimmers but Buck drowned one day while they were out together. Conrad felt like there was more that ...

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During swim season last year, we had many hard swim

swim meet. Our last swim meet of the season was a total disaster because we had a different coach , swimmers were out sick, and our dissapointed real coach afterwords. When you have a different ... had to be done before and after each event. Besides a different coach, the team was lacking swimmers. Some of the swimmers had the flu, while others didn't come because the didn't feel good ov ...

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Problem-Solving Simulation

at across. Then I put the mouse of the raft and had the dog swim across, since dogs are known to be swimmers. This avoided any of the animals being left alone to be eaten.How did you interpret the pro ...

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Aqua Fitness/Water Safety

floatingNOTE: It is better to look for a rip, from a higher perspectiveWhat steps would you advise swimmers to take if they were caught in a rip?Swimmers if they are ever caught in a rip, their first ... o rock fishermen. They cannot be easily seen and can drag them into the seaAround beach, they knock swimmers off their feet and carry them into deeper waterThey tend to form on steep shorelines and in ...

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